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    Published on Dec 29, 2022
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    Hi Everyone,


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. The Christmas Contest marks the beginning of my new series of contests. Christmas and the New Year feels like a great time to start something new as well as contribute to the season of giving. I hope all who participated had fun. A brand new contest will begin in January.

    Winner determined in this video

    How is the game played?

    For the benefit of those who did not enter. The Christmas contest required participants to choose a present for themselves, for the participant who entered immediately before them, and for the participant who entered immediately after them. Each participant, in total, received 3 presents. They were given a choice of 12 boxes. Each box may or may not contain a present. These presents are assigned values. If the selected boxes contain these presents, the value of the present is awarded to the participant and contributes to determining if he or she has won the contest. A probability is assigned to each box to determine the likelihood that it contains a present.

    This contest has two objectives. The first objective is to receive the highest value of presents (one from yourself and two from two other participants). This participant will win 30 Hive Power. The second objective is to give the highest value of presents (one to yourself and two to two other participants). This participant will win 10 Hive Power. These objectives are measured separately; thus, two participants can win Hive Power. The usual contest tie-breaker rules apply. If there is a tie, the participant who entered first wins. The contest post contains more information and can be accessed using the link below.



    It is now time to determine our Christmas winners. The Gif below captures the opening of the boxes from the video.

    Opening the Boxes


    With the boxes open, we can determine our lucky and partly skilful winners. The tables contain the boxes selected by the participants, value received, and value given.

    Value Received and Given (Participants 1 to 16)


    Value Received and Given (Participants 17 to 29)


    The participant who received the highest value in presents, based on the tie-breaker rules, was @eijibr, who happened to be the contest’s first participant. @eijibr received presents worth a total value of $245 (Present 11 worth $90, Present 1 worth $80, and Present 12 worth $75). @adedayoolumide also received $245 worth of presents but entered later; therefore, lost the tie-breaker.

    The participant who gave away the highest value in presents was @pana1, who happened to be the contest’s last participant. @pana1 gave away presents worth a total value of $240 (Present 1 worth $80, Present 8 worth $85, and Present 12 worth $75). Your actions contributed to @eijibr winning this contest. Great Christmas gift indeed.

    @eijibr wins 30 Hive Power and @pana1 wins 10 Hive Power.

    The Grinch List


    They were a few Grinches in this contest. I consider them Grinches because they choose to give away the horrid Present 5. Time to name and shame.

    Contest Analysis

    The results of this contest are based mostly on luck. There are many things beyond a participant’s control. These include the box opening and also the decisions made by the other participants. However, participants can increase their chances of winning through box selection and choosing to follow behind participants that give them the highest chances of winning.

    Following a participant who is giving away Present 4 or 6 to the participant following them is a good choice. Unfortunately, no participants gave Present 4 to anyone following them. However, Present 6 was given out a few times. A smart decision would be to follow the participant who gave away Present 6 and then to give yourself Present 6 as well. This would double your potential value without reducing your probability of receiving that present. If the participant who follows also gives you Present 6, your potential has tripled without reducing your probability of receiving that present.

    It appears @adeyemi12 followed this strategy and received Present 6 three times. Unfortunately, Box 6 was empty even though there was an 85% it contained the present. Just the way luck played out in this game.


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