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    Published on Apr 12, 2022
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    With the brawls, I thought why not break them down and do a report on them each week. I think we get 1 every 5 days or so. These can lead to some awesome extra cards and just some extra fun within the brawl.

    For anyone not familiar with a guild brawl check this out. It is a really good post and breaks down what they are and more about them.


    With the fray again I can almost pick anyone as long as I pick right away. I like to pick novice league with all cards. This allows me to use all my cards and have a better chance at some wins.

    Battle 1 -
    Mana - 36
    Element Choice - Dragon, Life
    Rules - Armored Up, Little Leagues


    With the first battle we both choose the earth summoner OBSIDIAN, I decided to go magic heavy with the melee monster of FLESH GOLEM as my main tank. The choose they UNICORN MUSTANG that has void. I was still able to pick off their monsters one at a time to get the win.


    Battle 2 -

    Mana - 36
    Element Choice - Dragon, Life
    Rules - Armored Up, Little Leagues


    With the second fray battle, it was a dragon vs dragon battle, This was interesting as we only got to use dragon and life so we both went with that combo. We both choose the summoner DRAKE OF ARNAK. In the end, the placement of my cards vs thiers was the game-changer.


    battle 3

    Mana - 58
    Element Choice - Fire, Water, Death
    Rules - Fog of War, Lost legendaries



    With the third battle, I was able to get one of my stronger elements with water but no DIJNN. I Choose SEA MONSTER as the tank as it still has self-healing. They choose a Death with heavy Ranged at the back and this was just not enough to hold off my mix of range magic and melee deck.

    battle 4

    Mana - 19
    Element Choice - Earth, Water, Death, Dragon
    Rules - Melee Mayhem


    With this one, it was lower on the mana but I knew as soon as melee can attack from anywhere I was going to rely on the THRONS of MYLOR CROWLING. They seemed to want to rely on the high HP of their monsters. In the end with the thorns and healing, I was able to take care of this team with ease.

    Battle 5 -

    Mana - 56
    Element Choice - Earth, Dragon
    Rules - Noxious Fumes, Even Stevens


    With this battle I knew right off the bat it was a loss, I mean you can watch the video but it was a clear loss from the start. Any battle VS SCARRED LLAMA MAGE & KRON THE UNDYING is a sure loss.

    Battle 6 -

    Mana - 18
    Element Choice - Life, Dragon
    Rules - Healing Out, EarthQuake


    With this one, I had to choose my least favorite element again this time without healing. Healing is the one way I can play the Life deck. This battle is one I had to rush as I couldn't figure out what to pick. So the end result is from that.

    Battle 7 -

    Mana - 42
    Element Choice - Dragon & Water vs Life
    Rules - Earthquake, Equalizer


    When it comes to earthquake I like to try to use that to my advantage when it happens to come up as a rule set. In this battle, I was able to use all flying monsters but the one DJINN OSHANNUS who I put at the end as a back tank. With equal health, everyone had 10 HP but they didn't have any flyers and this allowed me to get the win.

    Battle 8

    Mana - 58
    Element Choice - Fire vs Dragon & Fire
    Rules - Explosive Weaponry, Healed out


    With fire, I got to say I have cards but I don't like them with high mana battles but I don't have many high mana death cards so I went with fire. When I saw this line up I knew it was going to be tough with the massive magic lineup and in the end the Magic and Blast took me down.

    Battle 9

    Mana - 26
    Element Choice - Earth vs Water
    Rules - Back to The Basics, Close Range


    With the last battle in the fray, it was an Earth vs Water with me going for heavy magic with some healing. I was able to take out the SEA MONSTER and I think that was the move that let me win.


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