All That Glitters (Battle Replay) - Splinterlands


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    Published on Apr 26, 2022
    About :
    • This battle had a 58 mana cap which allows for a nice amount of strong monsters to take the field.

    • The rule set included extra armor for everyone and Divine Shield for all, which means that the first attack received by any monster would be ignored.

    • The last rule was no Dragon Splinters which was tough because there was just enough mana in this battle to allow those dragon juggernauts room enough to play.

    • This was an Earth magic versus Earth magic match.

    • Both our teams were headed by Obsidian but my summoner was a higher level, along with most of my team.

    • Instead of Chaos Legion's Venari Knifesmith, I started with Unicorn Mustang due to their high speed and Void ability which would reduce magic damage in what would soon prove to be a magic heavy fight.

    • My 2nd position was Mushroom Seer due to their Silence ability. Since I'd anticipated that my opponent would use an Earth Magic team since that Splinter was available, I wanted a monster who could lower their magic power.

    • In the opponent's 2nd position they had their own Unicorn Mustang who would useful with that Void ability but be useless until they were in 1st position.

    • For 3rd, I picked Goblin Psychic just like my opponent had done for their 5th place, because not only does he do good magic damage but he has Tank Heal and Affliction. Tank Heal would constantly heal my front-line spot which is my Unicorn Mustang, while that Affliction ability would remove any targeted monsters ability to heal which is important in an Earth Magic fight since Earth Splinter has quite a few healers and self healers.

    • My opponent's 3rd place monster was Mycelic Slipspawn which I also had in 4th. Slipspawn is a good attack sponge because of its decent magic attack power but mostly because of its Taunt ability which draws all attacks toward itself so the rest of your team doesn't get damage ... unless there's splash damage like from the enemy's Goblin Tower who has Blast.

    • In 5th position I had Regal Peryton just like they had in 4th, due to its high speed and decent attack power. This monster usually attacks first which is good since sometimes the difference between winning and losing comes down to a single point of health.

    • In last place I had Mycelic Queen who does decent magic damage but whose importance comes from its Protect ability. She's kind of like an Earth Splinter version of Venari Wavesmith except way more expensive, probably because she's 1 mana point cheaper to use.

    • At first, the sight of all those gold foil cards made me wonder if I could come out of this with the victory but then I spotted that not only did their Earth Magic team not have Mushroom Seer but they were also all lower levels than me so thankfully I was able to achieve victory.

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