An imaginary city, in an imaginary land


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    Published on Jul 23, 2020
    About :

    Come with me, into a journey of pure imagination. Please enjoy this collective creative expression; High Priestess Nikki tells the story of the imaginary friends, while Rose and SatoriD read their psalms, which they have titled Poetic Double Dutch. The Transcript is provided below:

    [Narration High Priestess Nikki]
    An imaginary city, in an imaginary land, there’s an Imaginarium filled with imaginary friends.
    Come inside, come away with me, see inside this imagery, pull away the illusion of reality and join us
    Hand in hand
    And across these mystical sands, in this imaginary land, the imaginary friends dance under the moon
    To the beat, the beat, the heartbeat of the universe
    Quiet now, and you’ll hear the sound
    Their voices all around
    Singing bright for all who’ve found, this place, the Imaginarium
    Are you there? Yes, I hear you
    You are not alone.

    The religious medium is art
    The practitioner is the artist
    The church is the Infinite Imaginarium community and play space
    The religious text is Team Human and a bucket full of books
    The central message is Connect, Collaborate, Create
    This is evolution, not revolution,
    Imaginarium has evolved out of the collective consciousness, the Dreamtime
    It is us, and them. We are all one.

    [Enter Acolyte Rose]
    This is my religion, a performance
    Infinite Imaginarium
    It’s not a brand
    It’s a concept, a vision, a dream land
    In the dreamscape, we escape

    [Enter The Digital Shaman SatoriD]
    Are you ready?
    It’s time
    To Find the Others
    Create The Weird
    Let’s flip the figure and the ground
    Let’s play and dance for humanity
    Let’s make things Actually Worth living for
    work as play
    play as work
    words as poetry
    poetry as life
    life as beauty
    beauty as eternity

    Save me from this chemical plateau
    An endless dream state
    Stagnant airflow
    Everything is grating metal against metal
    As my thoughts crash into each other
    In sloOow mMmoOotion
    The call of the others: Let’s get weird
    {What Does It Mean To Be Fully Human?
    What Does It Mean To Be a Part of
    The Lineage of All of Life?}
    The same soundtrack plays in my mind
    Time and again
    Time and again
    I’ve fallen in love with a war, I just can’t win
    It never began

    Are you there?
    Yes, I hear you.
    You are not alone.
    we have fallen into a reality bubble that has gotten out of control
    All media connects us before it tears us apart
    don’t look into the screen, play in the infinite…

    I’ve gotta look away from the screen
    But my imaginary friends are playing behind it
    It’s all a dream

    Click and listen, let the visions flow (Insert sample)
    are you (cosmically) triggered, yet?
    spin the wheel of consciousness
    watch the slow-wave into the hypnagogic
    dance the daydream into the trance
    there are strange and beautiful things happening behind the mind’s eye
    can the true self come out to play?

    Falling into the hypnagogic state
    Strange intensity
    Awakened by the hypnopompic illusions
    I just want to stay
    In this playground of crashing kaleidoscopes
    Soaring rush of peptides
    Filling my heart with joy and pleasure
    After a lifetime of decay
    Floating between
    Trying to land on my feet, all-day
    Keep floating back up into the sky
    To the imaginary playground

    That’s what happens when we pull the cosmic trigger
    Forgive me
    I often forget how much magic I hold in the palm of my hand
    And how I can spin dreams out of control with a single grain of sand
    It’s my bad, or my good? However, you wish to perceive it

    I was right there with you last night until Nikki woke me up
    With her burning question, candle lit, pass the torch
    I’ve got the words, they’ve been coming to me
    Words are my minions they sculpt our reality

    You dance with the word, better than most

    It’s my salvation, my artistic medium

    No doubt
    I’ve got to bring the full wrath of Satori

    (Laughs) We got sails on a raft to fly in the sky
    And land in the open mystery of the sea

    As I chew on peyote trying to hold onto my humanity
    Killing philosophy like logic and wu-tang murder bars
    Please forgive me, I got all my references etched in the skin of my dreams
    Please shake and erase all of human history
    Perception is an etch a sketch that hangs on space/time
    Of the Word, spinning all the possible worlds
    Everybody wants to be God
    Nobody wants to kill God
    Undoing of all that has been taught
    So that only the essence remains
    The only control is that there is no control
    This is a chaos configuration
    Please forgive me for I do not know what I do
    Feel the pain of the world and drink to numb the dark, cold reality, only at 2:16
    Burning all the pages in the book of Life to keep my soul warm…

    Words are my minions
    Crafting our visions
    C’mon SatoriD, fly high with me

    I’m craving reality and a pulse in life in general.
    The world feels dead and boring.
    Too much political bull[spit], no one can just have fun anymore
    Where does one go to find a home?

    Yeah, holmes, you’re not alone
    I’ve learned to create a reality bubble and turn off the feed
    It seems like we’re repeating history
    In Athens the babble got too loud
    The physical became the only reality
    They lost their sense of morality
    Demanded the life of Socrates
    Lost, focused on shutting out the truth
    Shrouded in a forgotten image of eternal youth
    Shatter the mirror yo
    Break free of the illusion
    The real world is being left behind for the delusion
    So come on SatoriD and go with me
    To the infinite playground in our imaginary reality

    Every time I hear that eternal beat
    I dance with you in the Infinite Imaginarium (playground)
    1,2, 4 my heart skips a beat, we be two steppin
    in the wasteland that we inherit from those that can’t see
    but yet with you, I can see the infinite color scheme of my dreams

    Are you there?
    Yes, I hear you. You are not alone

    Video and Audio by SatoriD

    Tags :

    poetry art creativity psychedelic

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