Saturday's HiveChess Blitz Arena : Tournament Video & Thoughts.


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    Published on Jan 15, 2022
    About :

    Hello everyone, We began a new season yesterday in our Saturday's event. We were hosted by @schamangerbert , in what would be the 16th season running!


    We have three tournaments on hive, every weekend.

    Yes! 3 tournaments every weekend. To know about them,you can check this post here Play Chess and Earn as the New HiveChess Seasons Begin

    With 29 players joining the event, it looked like another tough day at work. Thankfully those players didn't include @sawko and @jaki01.

    I did well to stay 1st position for a while, however after dropping my Queen in a very good position against @tungphong with 20 mins to go, I lost momentum.


    How did i play e4 here? LOL

    Well,I played that and lost. I finished 3rd, with Hive user tungphong coming 1st while the defending champion @eniolw could manage a 2nd place finish.


    Our host @schamangerbert, Also known as HerbyW(1746) on lichess did well to finish 10th!

    On friday, he brought down a 2300+ player. Yesterday, @petreius was on the receiving end, in what was an interesting game.

    [Event "HIVE Blitz Arena"]
    [Site ""]
    [Date "2022.01.15"]
    [White "HerbyW"]
    [Black "petreius"]
    [Result "1-0"]
    [UTCDate "2022.01.15"]
    [UTCTime "20:14:31"]
    [WhiteElo "1748"]
    [BlackElo "1978"]
    [WhiteRatingDiff "+9"]
    [BlackRatingDiff "-9"]
    [Variant "Standard"]
    [TimeControl "300+2"]
    [ECO "A45"]
    [Opening "Indian Defense"]
    [Termination "Normal"]
    1. d4 Nf6 2. Nc3 g6 3. Bf4 Bg7 4. e3 O-O 5. Be2 d6 6. Nf3 Nbd7 7. O-O Re8 8. h3 e5 9. dxe5 dxe5 10. Bg5 h6 11. Bxf6 Qxf6 12. e4 Nb6 13. Bd3 Be6 14. Qe2 Rad8 15. Rad1 c6 16. Rfe1 Rd7 17. Nh2 Red8 18. Ng4 Bxg4 19. Qxg4 h5 20. Qg3 Bh6 21. Be2 Bf4 22. Qf3 Rxd1 23. Rxd1 Rxd1+ 24. Bxd1 Nc4 25. Ne2 Nxb2 26. Nxf4 exf4 27. Be2 b5 28. g3 Qg5 29. Qxf4 Qxf4 30. gxf4 Na4 31. f5 Nc3 32. Bf3 Nxa2 33. fxg6 fxg6 34. e5 c5 35. Bd5+ Kf8 36. Bxa2 a5 37. f4 c4 38. Kf2 Ke7 39. Ke3 Ke6 40. Kd4 Kf5 41. Kd5 h4 42. e6 Kxf4 43. e7 Kg3 44. e8=Q Kxh3 45. Qxg6 Kh2 46. Ke4 h3 47. Kf3 b4 48. Kf2 a4 49. Qg1# 1-0

    A familiar Checkmate?


    The tournament had some brilliant games. Like how Blackswan21 had this spectacular finish against @vjap55

    Lovely right?

    I still can't understand how i escaped with a draw against @Stayoutoftherz here.

    I already gave up with 15seconds to go

    I will do an Hive study during the week, but this time I'd look at more games played and maybe look specifically at a particular player. Take for example, "Hivechess study of @eniolw". I think that way,it will be easier to understand these top players.

    What do you think?



    In conclusion...

    Attached to this post is my tournament video. I hope you learn a thing or two from it.

    At least i did better in this event

    25% of the Hbd rewards on this post will go to support the Friday's #Hivchess event via @badge-646464.



    I am @samostically,I love to talk and write about chess because i benefited alot from playing chess.sometimes i share my thoughts on life in general.I love to engage with others and i love communication.I believe life is all about staying happy and maintaining peace.


    Thanks For Reading,Reblogging And watching! I appreciate you all for supporting and promoting chess on Hive.

    Please do let me know if you don't want to get mentions/tagged in my report.
    Images and Screenshots Used in this article are mine except stated otherwise

    You can catch my other chess related videos on
    My threespeak Channel

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