Extremely Difficult to Defeat FORGOTTEN ONE in Noxious Fumes Battles. And Splinterlands Giveaway #40


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    Published on May 08, 2022
    About :

    FORGOTTEN ONE is gigantic and one of the most powerful Monsters. Even negative situations in battles cannot affect him. While almost all Monsters are poisoned in Noxious Fumes battles, his health never decreases. That's why no one wants to fight him in such battles. FORGOTTEN ONE also allows enemies to take irreparable damage with powerful Melee Attacks.

    Battle Link

    I shared with you a Noxious Fumes Battle that FORGOTTEN ONE was in, in the video, I recommend you to watch it. The battle was a 99 mana battle and the battle rule had the Noxious Fumes rule. It is much better to use Monsters with high health in such battles. Because at the end of each round, all Monsters' health will decrease by -2. So the longer the Monsters can survive, the more likely they are to win the battle. That's why I added my Monsters with the highest health to my team. It is seen that the opponent player has formed a team with a similar strategy.

    There are also Monsters that are immune to negative status effects in such battles. One of these Monsters is FORGOTTEN ONE. And he really becomes the hero of such battles. That's why I love this rule because FORGOTTEN ONE can win most such battles.

    My strategy in this battle was primarily to add FORGOTTEN ONE to my team, so I chose the Fire Element Summoner. But I needed to keep FORGOTTEN ONE away from the first attacks because I plan that he doesn't take damage until the last Monster on the opposing team is left he doesn't go to the first position. That's why I put FORGOTTEN ONE in the middle position in the team.

    My goal was that when FORGOTTEN ONE moved to the first row, many of the monsters on the opposing team should have been destroyed. Because he is not a very fast monster, he cannot evade attacks and can sometimes miss his targets. I trusted FORGOTTEN ONE a lot in this battle and he put up a great fight too. He managed to survive until the last moment. While all the monsters were poisoned, he was not. He played a big role in my winning this battle. You can watch the amazing show of FORGOTTEN ONE in the video. Also here is the battle link

    I also looted 7 chests after completing my daily quest today.


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    I will spin the 1st wheel to determine the prize and the 2nd to determine the winner. You can see how it is in the video content.

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    Thanks to everyone who participated. You can follow all the giveaways on my blog.

    Battle Link

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