Why is FORGOTTEN ONE One of the Most Useful Monsters for the Team? And Daily Chest Rewards


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    Published on Jul 29, 2022
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    FORGOTTEN ONE is one of the very powerful Monsters that can attack targets with a Melee Attack. Forgotten One can be very effective in battles by attacking with pretty powerful Melee Attacks. Especially with his Immunity Ability, he can play a big role in winning the team in Noxious Fumes battles. If there is Noxious Fumes rule in the battle rule and the Fire Unit can be used in battle and the mana value of the battle allows, I definitely add Forgotten One to the team. Indeed, Forgotten One is very effective in such battles.

    There are other Monsters with the Immunity Ability, but sometimes this ability alone is not enough. Attack power is also very important in battles. Considering the Monster's attack power, Forgotten One is one of the best and most useful Monsters in such battles.


    FORGOTTEN ONE has the Immunity Ability at level 1 and has the Retaliate Ability at level 3 and the Piercing Ability at level 5. Forgotten One has great abilities that can be very effective in some battles.

    • Monsters with the Immunity bility are immune to negative status effects.
    • Monsters with the Retaliate ability have a chance to attack their attacker when hit with a Melee attack.
    • When Monsters with Piercing Ability attack and exceed the target's armor, the remaining amount will damage the target's health.

    If you are the epic NFT card, the FORGOTTEN ONE NFT card starts at $1.23 in the market. Considering its abilities, the price seems quite affordable. Currently my FORGOTTEN ONE NFT card is level 1 and my goal is to upgrade this NFT card to level 6. Also, the Gold Foil FORGOTTEN ONE NFT card starts at $13.61 in the market.

    Battle Link

    Battle Ruleset
    Reverse Speed
    Noxious Fumes
    Mana Cap 14

    Reverse Speed rule means Monsters with the lowest Speed attack first and have the highest chance of evading attacks.
    Noxious Fumes rule means all Monsters start the battle Poisoned.

    Before starting the battle in the video, I reviewed the last 5 battles of the opposing player and the opposing player had quite powerful and high-level NFT cards. I knew this battle was going to be pretty tough. But considering the rules of battle, I thought FORGOTTEN ONE would be very effective in this battle.

    I chose TARSA as the Summoner to increase FORGOTTEN ONE's Melee Attack by +1. And I put FORGOTTEN ONE in second position in the team. I put low mana Monsters in the first and last positions in the team. My goal was to keep FORGOTTEN ONE away from the first attacks.

    My strategy worked really well in this war and we managed to beat a pretty strong team. I had almost no chance of winning this battle except with this strategy. BAAKJIRA has no attack power, but restores +4 of its own health each round. This makes it difficult to destroy it, but FORGOTTEN ONE managed to destroy it with 5 Melee Attacks and played a big role in the team's victory. Honestly, choosing TARSA as the Summoner was effective in winning this battle because if FORGOTTEN ONE had attacked with 4 Melee Attacks, we might not have been able to win this battle. You can watch the awesome battle of the team on the video or the battle link.

    I also collected and looted 13 chests today.


    What are your thoughts on the battle in video and FORGOTTEN ONE? I would be glad if you write your thoughts in the comments.

    Battle Link

    Would you like to join Splinterlands? Here is my reference link

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