Armor Protects Health Against Attacks. Chest Reward 23.09.2021


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    Published on Sep 23, 2021
    About :

    If you are new to Splinterlands like me and do not have enough NFT cards, this video and what I have explained will be useful for you. Today my daily quest was Life and I shared with you 5 battles that enabled me to complete the quest. If you're new to the game and don't have an extra Life summoner card, there are 2 Life summoners to choose from. The Tyrus Paladium summoner grants +1 armor to all friendly monsters. The Mother Khala summoner grants +1 health to all friendly monsters.

    I think armor is more important than health in battles, so I usually choose the Tyrus Paladium Summoner. No matter how power the monster on the opposing team attacks, it cannot damage the health of the monster on the other team without resetting its armor. But since magic attacks directly damage health, armor is ineffective against magic attacks. So when I choose Tyrus Paladium, I want the opposing player not to choose Alric Stormbringer. If the opposing player has chosen Alric Stormbringer, the opposing team will win the battle 70% against TyrusPaladium. But if the opposing player has not selected the correct monsters, he will lose the battle. There is an example of this in the video.

    If I chose the Life summoner, my favorite monsters are Feral Spirit, Temple Priest, Divine Healer, Elven Mystic, and Sand Worms. I usually recruit these monsters based on their mana count.


    Feral Spirit targets and attacks the last monster on the enemy team.

    Forever caught between dimensions, the Feral Spirits (and all Luminous Beasts) are the result of the Obliteration of Light, a horrible destructive event in which all the living vanished from the surface of Khymeria. These spirits do not hunger or thirst, but their fangs still bite and their claws still slash.


    Temple Priest attacks the enemy's health directly, and having a monster that can perform magic attack in your team will give you an advantage in battle. Also, the armor of monsters is ineffective against magic attacks.

    Only the most advanced Priests of the Silver Shield have earned the power to commune with the goddess Khymia in her great Temple in the clouds. They are never the strongest among Khymian warriors, nor do they carry the greatest magical powers, but their visions and messages from the goddess determine the direction of an entire people, and sometimes the fate of the whole Splinterlands. The Priests’ communions with Khymia take place through complex rituals of astral travel, and some of these Priests are able to relocate their physical bodies anywhere in the Splinterlands in a form of teleportation. High Temple Priests do not fight, but because essence combat is not forbidden by Khymia’s doctrines, many of them allow themselves to be summoned to tournament battle.


    Divine Healer restores a portion of the health of the first position monster on the team each round. This causes the monster in the first position to not die easily.

    Known commonly around Khymeria as simply Healers, these Khymians are easy to find. Using medicines synthesized from plants all around the Splinterlands, the Divine Healers can alleviate the symptoms of nearly any ailment. Most of their time is occupied with attempting to cure the Burn.


    Elven Mystic is a neutral monster and can be used by all summoners. Like Temple Priest, it directly attacks the health of the monster on the enemy team.

    A sect of Elves from Anumün were discovered by tribal leaders studying the ways of dark magic and banished from the Eastern Wood. They found their way to Khymeria where they could use their powers to assist the Khymians in bringing Dark Eternals back to the living. These Elven Mystics are respected as Khymian mages, but are trusted by almost no one in the Earth or Life Splinters.


    The Sand Worm is a neutral monster and can be used by all summoners. I use this monster in almost all high mana battles. Sand Worm has an impressive and devastating strike power. If given the opportunity, it can knock down many cards in one hit.

    Huge Sand Worms have always lived in the desert of Draykh-Nahka, but with the recent uncovering of the various Untamed Prophecies, they have mysteriously grown even larger. They have also become more wild and free, somehow discovering how to escape from the Sands of the Dragon Splinter. Although it has never been witnessed, biologists believe that the Worms have learned how to swim. If they have indeed learned to burrow through water like sand, the Splinterlands will suffer greatly from their proliferation. In Mount Mox battle, Sand Worms can swallow monsters of nearly any size with no need to chew. They can even snatch fliers directly from the air, extending out of the ground even higher than the arena walls.

    My daily quest today was Life. With a good strategy, I completed this quest very easily. I had been earning card rewards from daily quests for a few days. My reward for today was Alchemy Potion.

    Increase the drop rate of Alchemy Potion Gold Foil cards!

    These potions are expertly crafted, enchanted, and bottled at only the most powerful mana springs. Use them to improve your magical senses and capabilities.

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