Shelter at Home! - 03


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    Published on Apr 18, 2020
    About :

    Mariah ( @mariahyates) and I discuss what we've been up to while social distancing, and we answer a few questions from our #1 Fan!

    Greetings Talk Radio Fans! (Ramble radio???) Mariah and I are back with our THIRD “Shelter at Home” episode. Again, we discussed many important, poignant, emotionally complex issues in this program, like gardening, kittens, music, and stimulus checks.

    To supplement the audio, (I liked this feature last time), here is a big list of a BUNCH of things that we mentioned in this 30 minute episode. (This isn’t every word we said, only a list of some of the names that we dropped…) Ready? It’s another LONG ONE:

    ---Diane Mott Davidson (mystery novelist)

    ---Doctor Strange – Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1 by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee

    ---my Doctor Strange review (on HIVE)

    ---Fire Force (manga)

    ---Hearers of the Constant Hum by William Pauley III (strange novel)

    ---Tristan Tzara (poet, writer, artist)

    ---7 Dada Manifestos and Lampisteries by Tristan Tzara

    ---Dawn of the Dead (1978 zombie movie)

    ---Redbubble (print on demand site)

    ---my Redbubble postcard page

    ---Museum of Postcard Art photo

    ---“Freddy’s” (aka Fred Meyer, a local supermarket owned by Kroger)

    ---Darcelle XV (a drag queen based in Portland, Oregon)

    ---Portland Retro Gaming Expo (a retro gaming expo)

    ---Peewee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) (actor, comedian)

    ---my review of the Peewee show

    ---Newmark Theatre (theatre in Portland, OR, that we couldn’t remember the name of)

    ---Peewee’s Big Adventure (humorous film)

    ---Disneyland (an amusement park)

    ---Hive (a crypto based, blockchain, social media thingy)

    ---Weight Watchers (a dieting program)

    ---Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (a type of sugary treat)

    ---Nilla Wafers (a type of cookie)

    ---Frosted Mini Wheats (a cereal)

    ---Honey Nut Cheerios (another cereal)

    ---Spoonflower (a fabric pattern print-on-demand site)

    ---my Spoonflower pattern

    ---Willow Grove (a park)

    ---Japanese Gardens (a park in Longview)

    ---my Japanese Gardens post

    ---Lake Sacajawea photos post

    ---Big Lebowski (bowling / detective movie) [Mariah said something was “Very un-Dude.”]

    ---Jon Batiste (jazz musician)

    ---Hollywood Africans (2018 album) by Jon Batiste

    ---Louis Armstrong – “What a Wonderful World”

    ---Jon Batiste – “What a Wonderful World”

    ---Joey Ramone – “What a Wonderful World”

    ---Ministry & Co-Conspirators – “What a Wonderful World”

    ---“Green Hill Zone” by Jon Batiste (cover of a song from the first Sonic the Hedgehog game)

    ---“Is It Over” by Jon Batiste (last song on the album, the name of which I couldn’t remember…)

    ---John Lennon (music guy / activist)

    ---MTV (a television station)

    ---13 Reasons Why (a t.v. series that I didn’t watch, but which Mariah and Elise enjoyed.)

    ---Stranger Things (a very entertaining, spooky t.v. show on Netflix)

    ---Guardians of the Galaxy (a movie with a great soundtrack)

    ---Pandora (a music streaming service that I don’t particularly enjoy, although many of my friends like it.)

    ---Billie Eilish (a very talented female vocalist)

    ---Current 93 (a scary, death-folk, goth-tinged, creepy band)

    ---Nurse with Wound (an experimental noise band. Mariah is NOT a fan. I find them very interesting.)

    ---Kenny Rogers (country singer)

    ---Kenny Rogers and First Edition – “Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)”

    ---Avatar (a movie with blue people in it)

    ---My Dinner with Andre (a movie with Wallace Shawn that is rather divisive. Some folks I know HATED it.)

    ---Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies

    ---Lord of the Rings book series by Tolkien

    ---Schindler’s List (sad movie)

    ---Microsoft (a computer company)

    ---Ghost Rider comics

    ---George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic

    ---my George Clinton concert write-up

    ---Fishbone (band)

    ---“Everyday Sunshine” by Fishbone

    ---“Nanoo Nanoo!”

    ---Mork & Mindy (weird t.v. show starring Robin Williams)

    ---first Spook Show review of 2020!

    ---“Everyday is Halloween” by Ministry

    And that was our show! We’re trying to keep you folks entertained and enjoying ourselves in the process! Meanwhile, we hope that our amateur efforts can inspire YOU people to make a THING of your own!!! (Keep the spirit of PUNK alive! JUST DO IT!)

    ---Richard F. Yates
    (Primitive Thoughtician and Holy Fool)


    Tags :

    vlog humor mundaneterrors cats slideshows

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