Fallout 3 Walkthrough (Modded) Part 277


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    Published on Jul 24, 2023
    About :

    I return to SuperChemBot Retail Center with the Tiger Caspian. There's s challenge waiting for me. This is the fifth episode of In The Shadow Of The Swamp.

    Note: Point Lookout Reborn and In The Shadow Of Swamp conflict in some aspects when editing the Homestead Motel. Luckily, DeadMano's The Wasteland Patch Collection addresses most issues, minus the Punga Script conflict, which was covered in episode 274 description.

    The mods I used in this series are listed here. Also, the complete playlist is now available on Youtube and Odysee

    Follow the timestamps:

    • 00:41 - I enter the SuperChemBot Retail Center. I access the terminal with the "Tiger Caspian Challenge Center" above it.
    • 00:58 - "Welcome to the CRC!" entry.
    • 01:16 - "How do I try the Caspian Challenge?" entry.
    • 01:44 - "Current Caspian Challenge" entry. I need one type of each processed meat (the Caspian cooks enemy meat).
    • 02:25 - I go west to the river to shoot some Mirelurks.
    • 04:37 - I take a Cooked Animal Leg (1) from a Mirelurk Overlord.
    • 05:22 - Hunting some Albino Radscorpions. I take Cooked Arthropod Meat (2) from it. I'm north of WKML Broadcast Station.
    • 06:43 - (Unrelated to Caspian Challenge) Killing some Enclave Troopers north of Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.
    • 08:23 - I'm at Broadcast Tower KB5, selling some stuff to a random Adventurer (NPC Travel Mod).
    • 09:08 - Inspecting the Deathclaw Sanctuary from above. I jump down and find some Deathclaws to hunt.
    • 11:46 - I'll damage the Matriach with the Missile Launcher and finish with the Caspian.
    • 13:01 - Killing the second Deathclaw. I take the Cooked Abomination (3) Burgers from it.
    • 14:08 - South of Deathclaw Sanctuary (Ignore the night vision effect going on and off, it was not configurated). I find an Air-Dropped Crate above the collapsed tunnel (a finished AWOP quest).
    • 15:08 - Heading west/northwest. I target the Deathclaw Matriarch with the Missile Launcher. I finish the Matriarch and the Wild Boar who attacked me.
    • 17:00 - I find the Cooked Loins of Beast (4) in a Wild Boar. Cooked meat can appear in creatures added by mods.
    • 18:09 - I'm at Springvale Sewer (AWOP) to shoot Feral Ghouls with the Caspian.
    • 19:29 - Cooked Ghouls Giblets (5) are created when shooting a random Feral Ghoul. I soon leave the place.
    • 22:32 - I'm southeast of Super Duper Mart. Pretend you didn't see the bus almost flying.
    • 23:08 - I test the Caspian on the Super Mutants near the river. They were weak after fighting the raiders nearby.
    • 24:16 - I take Cooked Flank Steak (6) from their bodies.
    • 26:12 - It's time to return to the SuperChemBot Retail Center. I put the meat types I collected in the Storage Box and chose the "Caspian Challenge Entry Ready" option.
    • 27:27 - The Redemption Box is on the other side of the machine. I take the Tiger Utility Belt (carry weight +15).
    • 28:00 - Checking the next Caspian Challenge. Bring one type of each burned meat (three different sizes can be produced).
    • 29:10 - To the Sewer Waystation. I shoot the Radroaches there before entering the County Sewer Mainline.
    • 30:17 - Hunting more Feral Ghouls.
    • 32:03 - Inventory management.
    • 33:11 - Heading down to the areas with more enemies. I take the Burned Bits of Meat (1) from some Ferals.
    • 34:31 - I continue hunting creatures. I enter the Hubris Comics Utility Tunnels north of Wilhelm's Wharf.
    • 35:23 - Lots of Ferals in the first room. I take the Burned Chunk of Meat (2) from a Feral Ghoul.
    • 37:01 - One type of burned meat remains to be found. I fast-traveled to the Ranger Compound and sold some mapping data to Reilly (5100 caps).
    • 38:09 - I kill the Talon ambush team on the nearby street. Inventory management.
    • 39:29 - (Seward Sq) I kill more Super Mutants with the Caspian.
    • 41:03 - I kill an Overlord carrying an Onslaught (added by some mod).
    • 42:48 - A second Talon ambush.
    • 43:26 - I take the Burned Hunk of Meat (3) from a Super Mutant Gunner.
    • 44:01 - To the SuperChemBot Retail Center. I put the three types of burned meat in the Storage Box. The reward is a copy of Guns And Bullets, a US Army: 30 Handy Flamethrower Recipes, and a Stealth Boy Mk II.
    • 44:46 - Next challenge: place the correct ingredients in the proper quantities to cook Blackened Punga Terdeloin.
    • 47:01 - Blackened Punga Terdeloin: Burned Bits of Meat x1; Cooked Loin of Beast x1; Dandy Boy Apples x2; Potato Crisp x2 [INCORRECT ITEM]; Wild Punga Fruit x3. It has to be the real Potato Crisp food (id: 0008c562) and not Junk Food (id: 0003359c). The pip-boy icon for Junk Food shows Potato Crips. The Blackened FWE+MMM+EVE+Project Beauty Patch renames "Junk Food" to "Potato Crisp" for reasons unknown.
    • 48:22 - I open Fallout3.esm in Fo3Edit to show you what I'm talking about.
    • 49:34 - Let's try again: Burned Bits of Meat x1; Cooked Loin of Beast x1; Dandy Boy Apples x2; Potato Crisp x2 [CORRECT ITEM]; Wild Punga Fruit x3. I earn an upgrade module for the Tiger Caspian. Also, I take Punga Blackened Tenderloin.
    • 50:05 - The Tiger Caspian is now a Mk II type. I read the "Swamp (3) - Tiger Caspian Upgrade" note (Clip Size +60%; RIRE allows micro repairs to the gun system; more damage on soft targets).
    • 51:26 - I leave the place to test the weapon on the raiders at Springvale School.

    The "In The Shadow Of The Swamp" mod is (probably) finished. I covered all Puce Moose mods for Fallout 3. For the next episode, we'll have Gnomes, lots of them.

    Tags :

    fallout3 bethesdafallout rpg mods gaming gameplay walkthrough

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