A song with a very deep meaning and a personal pos - Miss Günnie T. & Raven feat. Jaydine - Humanity


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    Published on Apr 17, 2022
    About :
    Hello everyone! 😊

    How are you doing?

    I hope you had and have a great easter weekend!
    Mine was very good so far. Tried to relax and stay away from work a bit. We made a bicycle tour on friday and just chilled in the sun yesterday and today. 😊
    I will still take it slow tomorrow and then will be back to work on tuesday.
    What did you guys do during the weekend?

    DJ Miss Günnie T & Raven feat. Jaydine - Humanity.jpg

    I am uploading all my tracks here in chronological order. So today I want to show you my next song, which was a collaboration with 2 german musicians.

    This song is called "Humanity".
    The instrumental was done by "Miss Günnie T.", a very talented german DJ. She is one of the best I know, so it was an honor to work with her.
    The german singer "Jaydine" wrote the lyrics and sang on it.
    I helped with some more tweaks in the instrumental and with mixing, and also put my vocals and voice to it.

    To be honest, I am not satisfied with the final song at all. The mastering is not the way I would have done it, and the voice of the singer is not properly mixed. And my voice is way too low in volume, you can barely understand what I say, but the singer insisted on it to stay like this.
    We would have been able to produce a much better song, but well. Sometimes it´s not something you have in hand.

    Nevertheless, this song is important to me. Because it is about humanity, tolerance, freedom and self-fulfillment.
    All 3 of us are either bisexual or homosexual, so we know very well how hard it can be to come out. Everyone of us had to deal with alot of intolerance, bullying and injustice in our lives, just because we love girls. Yeah big deal right? 😐 Well for some people this still seems to be a big deal, and that is very sad. I truly hope these people one day can overcome their fears and accept people just as they are, no matter if you love girls or boys or both.

    I had to deal with alot of intolerance and even got beaten at school for beeing bisexual.

    Not only for beeing bisexual, but also for just beeing "different". I did not dress how everybody else did, I just did not float with the current, and people hated this.
    I have always been different and dreamed of beeing "big" somehow, dreamed of beeing able to make a change to the world. And I still do.
    I have been bullied for almost 10 years in school for many things, not only for beeing bisexual. Mostly from guys who were twice as tall then me. They insulted me, stole my things, damaged my things, spit in my face and beat me so bad that sometimes I wasn´t able to walk for some days.
    This ruined alot of my teenager years. And it made scars which are too big to ever heal fully. I never managed to be myself after these terrible years. I was too afraid. I was sure, the way I am is not ok, not right and I have to be ashamed for myself!

    It took me more than 10 years and alot of therapy to overcome these shit thoughts and all the things that happened. Even today I am quite unsure of myself at times and afraid that someone will start bullying me again for just beeing myself.

    But this needs to stop!

    I don´t want anybody to suffer the way I did. I don´t want anybody to be too afraid of beeing theirselves, only because others can´t handle you and are too limited in their thoughts to be able to cope with self-fulfillment and tolerance.

    This is what I always wanted to bring to the world: Tolerance and FAITH in beeing yourself.

    Please, don´t let anybody tell you that you are not ok, only because you are "different", only because you have big dreams, only because you are trying to be true to yourself.

    Bullying will never stop. These people will always be there. But it is your choice what you make of it. Don´t let these people drag you down. Have faith in yourself, because you are what the world needs to evolve into a better place: People who are different, who have big dreams. You will be the one that help changes the world if you just keep going with beeing YOU. So please, don´t let anyone ever stop you from beeing you!

    They managed to stop me far too long, and it took me a long long while to search to be able to find my real me again. It was painful and I feel as if I lost years and years of my life.

    You don´t have to experience the same thing.
    I know it will be hard sometimes.

    But if you feel down, please remember that there are people who love you just the way you are. And there is a reason why you are as you are, and why you have been given the talents and passions that burn inside of you.

    You will have a fantastic life if you follow the way of your heart and guts, if you follow the things that make you happy, no matter what others say. Don´t let anyone put out the fire inside of you, like they did with me. Keep going, no matter how hard it will be sometimes. You know what is right for you and it will lead you to your goal!

    I truly hope that I can help you with this. If it only helps one person to just keep going, I achieved my goal in writing this here. And I truly hope as my brand and art grows, I will be able to use my name and support people who suffer from what I had to suffer and give them faith and keep them going! I truly hope that I earn enough some day to support others in their art and dreams and help them just be themselves. You are not alone, and will never be! ❤️

    So even if I am not happy with the outcome of this song, it carries a huge message and means alot to me, and will always keep me going when my demons come back from time to time.

    This post is very personal, and it is always a "risk" to reveal myself. So I thank you very much for treating this issue so thoughtfully!

    I hope to see you soon! 💜

    Best regards,

    RAVEN 🐦

    I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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