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    Published on Jul 13, 2021
    About :

    Hello guys !

    Wild Rifts seems to be evolving pretty well with time, and i already consider it better then the other MOBAS out there i have tried.

    i'll bring you a Ranked Gameplay with one of my favorite characters :



    Katarina is a mid lane Champion, with a great burst damage. You can easily kill any champion with her, even tanks if you are farmed enough. Although its a melee champion, its first skill will help you in last hits to farm on the beggining. After some levels, your combo can easly clean the whole wave of minions.

    Her combo isn't that hard to master, but i am still screwing up sometimes. With some movement speed, she will be great doing ganks for your team, while making your enemies more afraid to advance in lanes.
    I am sure in a few days i'll be much better and i will bring my improvement with this awesome girl.




    Hextech Gunblade : this itens gives both attack and ability power. while adding a life and mana steal on your attacks and abilities. this item also gives a damage boost of 100-200dmg, 30 seconds cooldown, passive effect. This is my core item !

    Infinity Orb : This item gives a boost on my magic power and also give me an extra of 200 HP ! This item will make me do a +20% critical damage in targets below 35% life, awesome ! This item is great for tanking some damage, while being able to finish enemies trying to escape with low life !

    Ionian Stasis : This is an active item that will make you invulnerable for 2.5 seconds. Whilte not being able to move or attack/castspells, you will be able to avoid that massive incoming damage. Its an active iten, so you must time well its use.

    Rabadon's Deathcap : simply +130 ability power, plus a 40% bonus on your total power ! this item will make you deal that huge damage ! if you can farm this fast enough, you will snowball the whole match easily !

    Morellonomicon : + 300 HP and +70 ability power. With a passive of 15% magic penetration and a debuff applied on hit, this item suits well after the mid game. im still trying some other options in here.

    Void Staff : +70 ability power and a 40% magic penetratio. great for the end game, where enemies will already have built their armor. This will help you deal more damage on tanks.


    Conqueror : This rune will stack your hits and spells up to 5. When fully stacked, it will deal an extra damage on yout next hit of 10%.

    Hunter - Vampirism : add 2% life and mana leech. Killing Champions will add extra life and mana leech !! This is great for sustain, and since your damage is done in one burst, this will help you recover some life in case you got initiaded first.

    Adaptive Carapace : +50 HP. when your life gets below 50% this rune will give you an extra of 12 armor or magic armor, based in the last most frequent damage recieved.

    Pathfinder : Gives an 8% movespeed bonus, when you are walking on bushes, jungle or the river. Pretty sweet to gank, since your a mid laner.


    Ignite : this will cause 60-410 true damage on your enemy over 5 seconds, while reducing healing effect by 50%

    Flash : This is a small blink, great for escapes or securing kills !

    Resume and Gameplay

    Katarina is really fun to play, and will win the match if feeded. She needs to continously gank in order to success, just like any mid laner. I am still testing new build and runes in order to find what best suits my playing style.

    In this game i am geting back to action. I screwed up a few times, but we could manage to hold the enemie pretty well. my bot lane did an awesome job, securing us the victory ! I did kill mid first and got some ganks, but it was not one of my best matches, definitely.

    Hope you enjoy the gameplay, and if you play on the south american servers, send me a message and we could play together !

    Images are printscreen made by myself while playing. Recorded the video using AZ RECORD for androind.
    thumbnail : source + edit with canvas




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