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    Published on Dec 14, 2021
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    Hello Players !

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    As time passes i keep trying to figure out new build and playstyles. I've been having a lot of trouble with Armor units. All these units should be legendary and sold for no less then 10 eth. Damm they are hard. I've been facing a lot of them in auric gold, and 99% of the time my 2 attack units can't clear them and i lose the match. So i now switched to Nature God Aeona, heard she got some awesome clear spells.


    This deck is pretty much like my aggro war, but i added a lot of remove spells to help me with the board control. So far the results are satisfying, i managed to gather a few more victories while recording the gameplay.

    I've been trying it with Selana's Mark.

    This power is amazing, and can help to clean a lot of creatures that lasts with 1 hp. The target is random, and this can screw up your plans, like it happened tons of times with me. Just don't count on it, lol. Beside this, i think it is my favorite power between all of the available ones.

    Aside with Selena's Mark, i've added a few spells to help me clear the board againt big creatures. Even walls are bad to face when you playing with small creatures. So these spells have been helping me a lot :


    Canopy Barrage is one of the best spells i found around. with 2 mana cost and a 4 dmg, this can clear up a lot of creatures. To balance this card, they added a "random target" feature. But this makes Nature deck a little bit to random ! Sometimes i see my self praying so i can lend the right target with my god power and this card. It's just to much random involved lol, i love it.


    Lightning Strike... Talking about powerfull cards, this is a damm powerfull spell for 3 mana cost. 8 damage is pretty much enough for 99% of the creatures in this game, plus and additional +2 burn effect. This spell can hit hard as hell. It is ultra satisfying when you enemy drop that high cost unit alone in the board while you hold this.


    The hunt is a Board control spell. Not the best card for the deck im building, but this might be one of the best clear cards in the game. So why not using it. Most of matches i end up not using it, but when it comes to hand in the right time, you can really fell the power of this card. 8 damage split among all enemy cards, are pretty bad ass.


    I ran 4 matches in the video which were pretty different from each other and i could test my deck in several different situations.

    Match 1


    In this match i could fully control the board. I spammed the small units, and used a few spells to help me control the board. Enemy did not stand a chance here. You can see how well you can run fast decks against any enemy. Sometimes they don't have enough time to get the right card, and boom, he is done.

    Match 2


    Man this match was hard. Mages are my worst enemy so far in this game. I must try it soon. They seem to have so much spells... Don't matter how many cards i play, they always have a perfect clear. He could easily control my units while waiting for the time to drop his bombs. This guy tamed me =[

    Match 3


    This one was pretty intense. It was a nice battle for the board on the start. After this, my spells start comming, and i manage to control the board well while being able to constantly inflict damage on my opponent. It was a nice win indeed.

    Match 4


    I was scarried about the mage. But this was was more like a warrior. He used a lot of walls and frontliners, but didn't had much spells. This way i was able to keep my units alive while inflicting damage. My god power failed me a few times, but in the end was a safe victory. Always feels good to beat a mage lol.

    Thanks Again everyone for the support. Let's make the game and the token go to the moon !

    If you want to try Gods Unchained, it is free to go !
    you can register on the following link :

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