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    Published on Jul 20, 2021
    About :

    Armor Splinters ! gold league (3).jpg

    Hello guys, How are you doing ?

    I am very happy i can finally play streets of rage 4 ! This was one of my favorite beat em up games from my childhood, and when i saw the trailer about the new version, i went crazy.

    After some waiting, i was finally able to enjoy what it seems to be an awesome game so far.

    I'll upload a gameplay from stage 1-2 in this post, with some of my first impressions about it !

    so.. lets start !!


    This is the Main Menu of the game, where you can see some of the game features.

    The Story Mode will guide you trough your mission (no spoilers), you can choose the difficulty between Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Maniac and Maniac +. Well im palying normal for now, but i will definitely master this shit and finish it on maniac + as soon as i can !

    Stage Select, Arcade and Boss Challenge are still locked, and will be available as soon as i finish the Story mode. I Will bring more about it as soon as it unlocks.

    Survivor mode seems pretty fun, Its about a machine made with Mr. X brain, lol. This machine is capable to reproduce confront simmulations, and the final challenge here is to get into Mr. X Nightmares. I played some rounds, and every stage you will get some random upgrades, they can be special weapons, like upgrades, damage upgrades, double jumps and much more, i will try my best here when i get familiar with the game, lets see how far i can make it.


    I did the full Training before start playing. But there was so many things to learn, and with so many different characters, that i ended up mixing everything in my head when i went for the real missions lol. The Training ground is pretty cool, he will teach you about all the basics movement and attacks, ways to dodge attacks (this is the hardest one for me), how to engage special combos, Super special attacks and much more. I recommend you to run this tutorial before playing. but stick to the tricks only for the caracter you are going to play if you are a newb like me. Some of the characters looks pretty amazing, and they got complete different fighting styles...



    There is also a Battle mode, where you can fight with someone else 1vs1, seems like you can add a third person and invite online players. Seems pretty cool, since the combos are some awesome and so hard to master each carachter, im sure i will have fun in here, since the game is kinda new, there is time to enjoy before it get domianted my kids who will play it for 12 hours a day. =[


    There is an "Connect Online" option, that will take you to this Menu. Here you can find any kind of match made by random players. It can be Story mode, Survivor mode, or maybe just an Arena Battle. I tried to invite someone to play co-op story and it answered pretty fasy. Co op in here is awesome, combos will get crazy if you find someone who will fit your playstyle.


    This is one of my favorite characters of all times in beat em up, and i was very happy to see the way he got reworked in here. I used him to record the first stages, but i will switch characters every 2 stages so you guys can take a look in all of them !

    One of my favorite things about this new version, are the combos. You can do many different combos, every character is totally different to play, each of them with his own personal arsenal of skills and abilities. I tried to master Axel a little bit, but seems pretty hard to master his combos. There is also wall ricochette, so you can sometimes make amazing combos.

    Characters got completely different fighting styles...

    Graphics, Controls and Music

    Well, there is not much to talk about these.

    Graphics are pretty cool, they still got that old Arcade Style, but everything is very well drawed.

    i do like the Hit sounds, its satisfying and feel great. You can really feel the punches being delivered, and it helps to keep track in your combo hit ! Soundtrack is very arcade standard, im really sure they could did something much better here. meh...


    I played the 2 first stages, using Axel. it was indeed pretty fun, and cant wait to master all this combos and get through the whole story. Not sure how long it is, but i will definitely finish it again on harder levels. Enemys are pretty hard sometimes, they got that "i know what you doing because i am the computer" stuff; so they will predict some moves and counter attack like Myke Ty.

    Hope you guys enjoy the game play !

    Cheers !

    Image source : thumbnail

    other images were prints screens taken by me while playing.

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    streetsofrage gaming gameplay review beatemup

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