Free Speech and New Normal


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    Published on Nov 07, 2020
    About :

    Just a couple of things at the beginning... as usual... The opinion in this video and this post is my personal and it can be different than yours. I appreciate your opinion, and you can freely leave it in the comment section...

    Another important thing is that this video is recorded at the beginning of June when all this craziness was at the end of the first "episode"... But, somehow, the things that I was talking about are still very actual, and as a matter of fact, there are even more present... Also, another important thing is that I have mentioned things like riots and protests, which happened AFTER the recording...

    But, I would like to add some things that are happening at these very moments... I'm not a conspiracy theorist (all conspiracy theorists will say that... lol...), but I have eyes, ears, and brain to connect some dots... If you have also, you ARE aware that there are TWO REALITIES at the moment...

    The one is the one that you are LIVING, struggling to have a job at the moment, struggling to feed your family, and seeing that economy and finances are going down... You probably heard that someone has (had) been tested positive on the virus, but haven't had symptoms, and more-less that's something that all of us experienced...

    The second one is the one that you see on your television, in ANY mainstream media... What can you see there? Panic about the virus where millions of people are TESTED positive and that everyone is AFRAID that it can be worse... We should all stay at home and listen to the EXPERTS... What else do you hear? Well... Stocks are a bit down, but they jump back in a day or two, nothing works as it should, but it's not a problem... Banks are doing great, finances are super, we are in heaven regarding the economy...

    Do you notice a bit difference between these two "realities"? Why do I feel on my own skin that I can't buy chocolate this month, and they are saying to me on the TV that we are doing great?

    Well, we are finally here... at the subject of this post... and that is free speech... If that would exist at THIS moment, you would have some documentaries, and TV shows about that FIRST reality that I was writing about... You will have critical thinking on the TV!?! When did you see that the last time?

    I can write about these things much more, but I don't want to overwhelm you... Let's say that just 2 days ago we have a special entity here in Spain that will pay attention on social media networks to silence people who are thinking differently... as they like to say, who are spreading the "fake news"... What irony, huh... and you just read about the reality served on mainstream media about our GREAT LIFE... someone said fake news?

    Thank you for your valuable time,


    Music in video:
    Growing Up by Scott Buckley
    Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0

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