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    Published on Jun 26, 2020
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    Oh, oh... I'm wearing my cap in reverse, which means that some rant is coming.... :) Actually, it wasn't a rant, it was more like a response to a provocative post that I have read on Facebook...

    Yes, I have read Facebook... I'm guilty... lol... Anyways, don't want to go deep into what was written there, as you can hear in the video more details, but I really have a problem when someone is trying to silence me... And when I say "me", I think at all the other people that have their own opinion and want to talk...

    It isn't important if that opinion is right or wrong (usually that is a subjective thing), it is important that you have the FREEDOM to express it...

    On the other side, or the next step is even worse... When you have rulers (actually, this doesn't mean only on country rulers, it is the same with companies and "bosses"), that are so pumped up with ego and arrogance that they don't allow you to make QUESTIONS...

    Asking questions isn't even giving an opinion, it is asking for opinion usually, and when you aren't allowed to make them, that isn't good news for anyone... It is the beginning of dictatorship and tyranny...

    Unfortunately, that is happening at this very moment... Every day we are willingly given parts of our human rights...

    Look at businesses... As a result of lockdowns, a lot of people are losing jobs, a lot of families will not have food on their table tomorrow... And those that are still lucky to work, will ask questions from their employers? Will they dare to ask and lose their jobs? Of course not, as they will be replaced by someone other who aren't doing that... Regardless of the quality of the worker, age, race, or whatever else they put to divide us...

    So, always ask questions... That is your right... When we stop to ask questions, we will lose our freedom...


    In the end, I would like to highlight one post today... It is a post by @d00k13, where he started an interesting discussion about What is Wrong with Society... Check it out!

    Thank you for your valuable time,


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    Growing Up by Scott Buckley
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