Many more aliens, robots and death traps. ||Abuse for MS-DOS. || Retro-videogame.|| Gameplay&Mini-guide.


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    Published on Apr 21, 2021
    About :

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    -| Hey fellows, first of all. Blessings for all of you.

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    Abuse is a Shoot'em up platform game, which was developed by Crack dot com, to be distributed by Electronic Arts (EA) throughout North America, and distributed in Europe by Origin Systems.

    The game was released on 29 February 1996 for the MS-DOS system. It also had a version for MAC Os, which was released by Bungie on 5 March 1997. Because its source code has been available to the public since 1990, it has been ported to Linux and other platforms such as the commodore Amiga.

    In this game we play special agent Nick Vrenna, who was justly incarcerated in a maximum security prison where inhumane experiments are conducted on prisons with an experimental substance called ABUSE. Our goal is to escape alive and eliminate the monsters that inhabit the prison.

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    a) And from a teleporter we pick up the path with our avatar Nick Vrenna, with the aim of escaping from the prison and the monsters that inhabit it. Immediately we must go to the left of the teleporter to pick up the ammunition for the pulse rifle on the floor.

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    b) After collecting the ammo, we head to the right where we will find a section of gates that open and close automatically one by one, but the problem is that two red aliens will also appear and go straight for you. Use the pulse rifle and move forward, pal. In the middle of this section of gates you will find a heart that will help you increase your health level.

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    c) Immediately after leaving the automatic gates section, we enter the circular portal, which takes us to a very large section of the prison, where a large group of red aliens will be waiting for us, which we must eliminate from the upper platform and try to prevent them from jumping towards our position. Shoot them from the position shown in the image above.

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    d) When you see these, be careful! They are red Aliens that are sleeping and immediately after you pass them they will attack you.

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    e) After you notice the red aliens hibernating on the ceiling, quickly move towards the water source, so that the mines hanging from the ceiling will fall and make your job of eliminating the aliens easier. But don't be overconfident, you will then have to shoot the remaining mines on your own, as they will tend to explode near you.

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    f) As you go down the water fountain you will come to a save point. Where by the way I recommend you save your game, because from here on out things get even more complicated. Pick up the ammo that is just ahead of the save point and take out the red aliens.

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    g) To get out of this area, you will have to climb the ladder to the left of the save point, and then take on an enemy robot at the top of the ladder. This robot is very tough, so you'll need to use your pulse rifle to take it down. Then go to the right and activate the switch that opens the hatch below.

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    h) As you go up the lift after the hatch you just unlocked, you will go to the left where you will find a section of turrets which are activated through another switch just below them, which in turn opens the lower right hatch which will allow you to exit the area. When the turrets are activated, they will shoot anything that moves. You can use these turrets to your advantage to eliminate the swarm of red aliens on the way down.

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    i) When you go down the gate you will find the second save point.

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    j) When you enter the circular portal, you must go down a lift and then up the stairs to activate the switch that opens the lower hatch. But beware, when you activate this switch two red aliens will appear and a pair of missile turrets will be activated. I recommend you bypass these missile turrets and only deal with the red aliens at the bottom.

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    k) When you go through the gate I recommend you to take as many hearts as possible and not to fall into combat with the black aliens falling from the sky, instead, you should get on the teleporter and activate it to get out of there. It is not advisable to engage in combat with the black aliens in such an enclosed space.

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    l) After using the teleporter you must go down and find the third save point, but first you must eliminate two red aliens, to be able to save your game.

    Stay tuned my friend, there are more battles to come and enemies to beat.


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    Well this is all for today, fellows. I hope you like this format of post made it by me, he he i know that it's some experimental kind.

    My previous guide of Abuse: Post

    See you on the next video, fellows gamers.

    This videogame is being played on Dos-Box Emulator under(Windows 7).

    You can follow me at: @paultactico2

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