La VWBT presents: Megarace, the virtual live-or-die Racing show. || MegaRace for MS-DOS. || Gameplay & Mini-guide.


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    Published on May 08, 2021
    About :

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    -| Hey fellows, first of all. Blessings for all of you.

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    MegaRace is a video game that belongs to the racing genre, which was released for the MS-DOS platform in 1993 by its developer team belonging to the developer CRYO, in addition, later a version was released for the SEGA CD system. This videogame is one of the pioneers in terms of 3D pre-rendering technology, and it is also important to highlight the fact that this videogame has a total of more than 20 minutes of video material, referring to presentations and indications made by the virtual host of the VWBT "Lance Boyle".

    MegaRace is a video game set in a dystopian future, where the most popular entertainment of the moment is under the command of a mega entertainment corporation called VWBT (Virtual World Broadcast Television). As I mentioned before, the entertainment of the moment is none other than MegaRace, where everything will be centred around "virtual" life and death races against outlaw car gangs and criminals on the road. MegaRace also combines action and arcade elements, making it a very versatile and adaptable video game for a wide range of gamers and their different tastes in the gaming industry.

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    In principle, we can observe the broad spectrum that VWBT dominates in the society recreated in MegaRace, as VWBT cameras, which are usually carried by a kind of flying drones, are taken to the smallest corner of the cities, invading even the privacy of the inhabitants of the society.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-35-22 a.m.-74.jpg

    Thus, VWBT presents the programme which, in its own words: "Crushes reality like a bug".

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-36-07 a.m.-321.jpg

    Next, the presenter and host of the MegaRace show makes his presentation, and this is none other than the very charismatic "Lance Boyle". From this moment on, Lance Boyle will be telling us what MegaRace is all about, which by the way I must mention that he does a spectacular job as host of the show, since from the very beginning he hooks us with his very euphoric and charming speech. Lance first tells us that in this show we will have the opportunity to experience what street racers of sports cars, who are usually members of outlaw road gangs, feel, all of this, in a totally virtual way.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-36-32 a.m.-895.jpg

    Lance Boyle then challenges us to be the ones to put these road gangsters, who often intimidate taxpayers and good citizens, in their place.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-37-53 a.m.-936.jpg

    This is when Lance Boyle points out that if we don't have the car to challenge these road gangsters, there is no problem because VWBT will give it to us, and we can take care of the problem without facing any consequences because this is all just a virtual reality activity, nothing is real.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-38-26 a.m.-439.jpg

    Lance also tells us that MegaRace has a total of 14 different tracks in 5 different environments, as well as a large fleet of cars that will be at the Enforcer's disposal. By the way, when Lance says Enforcer, he is referring to the player, i.e. us.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-39-04 a.m.-546.jpg

    In this segment Lance mentions that in each race we will have to face a gang, which we will have to face each member of the gang one by one, until we eliminate the leader of the gang, in order to win the circuit. But hurry up, because you will have to do it before finishing the three laps that you are given in each circuit.

    You can eliminate each member either by crashing into them or by shooting them directly from your vehicle.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-39-58 a.m.-458.jpg

    Another important aspect of MegaRace is the Thrillometer, which indicates how much fun the show's viewers are having. The Thrillometer is filled by bumping, shooting and eliminating gang members.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-40-18 a.m.-643.jpg

    In the image above we can see how the programme is broadcast in all cities in real time.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-40-56 a.m.-11.jpg

    Lance shows us the first city where our first race will take place, which is the city of NewSan. In Lance's words, NewSan is possibly the most sophisticated city in the world. The gang we will have to face is known as The Vultures, whose members often keep the people of NewSan on their toes. Below we are introduced to the three cars that will be available to choose from before the NewSan circuit race begins.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-41-50 a.m.-81.jpg

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-41-41 a.m.-619.jpg

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-41-28 a.m.-559.jpg

    As we can see in the three images above, each vehicle has its own characteristics, making it very important for us to choose correctly. By the way and as a curiosity, it is necessary to point out that each car has a person's name... Now I understand why Lance said that we should treat cars like people LOL.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-42-26 a.m.-745.jpg

    This way we start the race and quickly face our first opponent, which we can eliminate by ramming him with our car (which I don't recommend) or by shooting him directly.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-42-48 a.m.-295.jpg

    1. Speed readout.

    2. This is the amount of energy that you have. Without energy you can't fire any type of ammo. Remember that the missiles consumes a lot of energy.

    3. This is your current weapon: Missiles(M) or Guns(G)

    4. DM shows how much damage can your vehicle take.

    5. Th. This is the Famous Thrillometer.

    6. This bar indicate the condition of the vehicle of your enemy.

    7. This number indicates the enemies remaining.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-43-25 a.m.-682.jpg

    The marked element indicates a speed boost for a short time. Use them wisely.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-43-37 a.m.-256.jpg

    This elements helps you to gain variable points.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-45-07 a.m.-587.jpg

    The element from above will cause a decrease in the speed of your vehicle.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-45-41 a.m.-118.jpg

    In this way, using the last of the ammunition I had available in my car, I managed to take down the boss of the gang that had the city of NewSan in its grip. After taking down the boss, we then won the first race.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-46-27 a.m.-486.jpg

    Lance Boyle congratulates us on the successful completion of our first race, and goes on to give us what is our first prize for winning the NewSan race.

    Desktop 08-05-2021 05-46-46 a.m.-345.jpg

    And the prize is a very nice watch he he.

    And so, we end with the first MegaRace broadcast, on behalf of the WBTV partners. See you on the next broadcast.

    megarace 1.gif

    barra espaciadora.jpg

    Well this is all for today, fellows. I hope you like this format of post made it by me, he he i know that it's some experimental kind.

    See you on the next video, fellows gamers.

    This videogame is being played on The Emulator Dos-Box

    All the images showed on this post are taken from my pc Screen.

    You can follow me at @paultactico2

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