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    Published on Feb 16, 2022
    About :

    Sísifo, the king of Efira. Man without scruples, malicious and cruel that deceived to the gods. First it accused Zeus with the god of the rivers, Asopus, about where kidnapped his daughter Aegina in exchange for that he made sprout a spring in the Corinthian Acropolis. Zeus, get angry with the denounce and sends the god Thanathos for him. He, deceives to the god of the death and chains him, with the result that nobody could die, erecting you as the humans' paladin in front of the gods because he was giving them the immortality. Ares, god of the war, anger because in the battles nobody died liberated Thanathos and took him before Hades of where he escaped by means of a stratagem perpetrated with their wife's help. Zeus, tired of his deceits condemned him to push a spherical stone, hill up, only so that, when arriving to the summit, see it rotated hillside below, having to begin the task again. It was a task without end, in that way he obtained the immortality. This the thematic of this song belonging to the disk of overground Sisyphean Endeavour, of the 2018, lyrics written by my person, music of José Rico, the bass player of the band, arrangements for Overground. Quaker, technichal, melodic, magic and brutal. One of the best songs in this disk. I wait the you enjoy it.

    Sísifo, el rey de Efira. Hombre sin escrúpulos, malicioso y cruel que engañó a los dioses. Primero delató a Zeus con el dios de los ríos, Asopus, acerca de donde tenía secuestrada a su hija Aegina a cambio de que hiciera brotar un manantial en la Acrópolis Corintia. Zeus, molesto con la delación envía al dios Thanatos por él. Este, engaña al dios de la muerte y lo encadena, con el el resultado de que nadie podía morir, erigiendose como paladin de los mortales frente a los dioses pues les estaba regalando la inmortalidad. Ares, dios de la guerra, molesto porque en la batallas nadie moría liberó a Thanatos y lo llevó ante Hades de donde escapó mediante una estratagema perpetrada con la ayuda de su esposa. Zeus, cansado de sus engaños lo condenó a empujar una piedra esferica, colina arriba, sólo para que, al llegar a la cima, esta rodara ladera abajo, teniendo que comenzar la tarea nuevamente. Era una tarea sin fin, de esa manera obtuvo la inmortalidad. Esta la temática de esta canción perteneciente al disco de overground tarea sisifeana, del 2018, letra escrita por mi persona, musica de José Rico, el bajista de la banda, arreglos por Overground. Trepidante, tecnica, melodica, magica y brutal. Una de las mejores canciones de este disco. Espero la disfruten.

    King of immortality

    I am the King of Ephira
    Rule with iron fist
    I want to live forever,
    To reach the immortality
    The gods condemn us
    To a life of suffering
    Pleasures and joys are limited
    And we usual die in agony

    I am the craftiest of the men
    I am the King of my own reality
    I deceive, I betray, I kill
    I am the King of Brutality
    I cheat men and gods for my own benefit
    I am the King of immorality
    I am the craftiest of the men
    I am the King of Immortality

    1° solo: Félix Molina
    2° solo: Orlando Cordero

    I telling to River God of the whereabouts
    Of his daughter Aegina kidnapping by Zeus
    In return for causing a spring to flow
    On the Corinthian Acropolis

    Zeus sends Thanatos for me
    In revenge for denounce him with Asopus
    I deceive him and chain him
    And no one can die anymore
    Ares was bothered because no one could die
    Liberates Thanatos
    And he drove me to Hades
    Of which also escapes by means of deceits

    Solo: Felix Molina

    I am Sisyphus
    I have been punished for the gods
    To push a stone up in the hill
    Just so that see it rotates hill below
    I have achieved the immortality
    My task don't have end
    Eternal deception
    And never ending tiredness

    I am the craftiest of the men
    I am the King of my own reality
    I deceive, I betray, I kill
    I am the King of Brutality
    I cheat men and gods for my own benefit
    I am the King of immorality
    I am the craftiest of the men
    I am the King of Immortality

    L: Orlando Cordero
    M: José Rico

    Originals photos edited by me

    Tags :

    death metal rock original content music hive vyb proofofbrain immortality venezuela

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