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Published on Mar 01, 2020
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I was very productive last week, made 11 videos with 3speak thematic, steem community or Steemit.
This one is compilation of them.


  1. 3Speak - community badge -suggestion
    I'm not that familiar with the concept of community badges, I'm not even sure if it exists for @threespeak at all.
    In any case the use of badges can be fun and they can be used for various purposes.
    For example, for the number of subscribers, number of posts, honorary members etc.
    The idea of this one proposed in video is to be a general one, and specialized ones can be made from it.

  2. Ninja Battle - Witnesses VS Justin
    After reading posts and comments about the soft fork and @justinsunsteemit Open Letter To Steem Community I decided to make this video to illustrates and describes the present day.
    Take this as my video comment:)

3.101010101- Steem Code for success!
I am not developer but I do realize the power of coding, best demonstration was yesterday with softfork.
I just hope it will be success and that small members of community like me will continue to enjoy in Steem ecosystem.

  1. Video comment what happened to Justin Sun and his steak of Steem
    I am not good with the words but I try to express myself with the videos.
    I believe it is quite explicit and understandable.

  2. Crazy ride for Steem community and Steem blockhain
    I am here almost from very beginning, to be exact from July 2016, since then, there was really a lot going on.
    All I can say is that it's a crazy ride :)
    Hope that this video conjures this.
    I enjoy in this not boring days :)

  3. 3 speak & Steem connection -Movie trailer stars style
    This video is edited like real movie trailer. My intention with this video is to present my favorite app and favorite blockchain as a stars!
    Hope you like it.

  4. 3 Speak -promotional video -Video wall edition
    I really put a lot of effort, time and love in the production of this video.
    Only the rendering took about 3 hours. Luckily I have over 100 videos in my archive which I managed to include into the screens. Most of the videos have the theme of applications associated with Steem blockchain.
    But the purpose of this video is for the sole purpose to promote 3speak -video hosting platform which I enjoy to use. Hope it motivates you to get involved and to join. Hope you will find it interesting and useful.

  5. Time to Power up
    I decided to power up my SP. So this video is kind of celebration of that thought.
    I used lightning to symbolize energy and power and for audio drums to mark the announcement.

  6. Steem Blockchain to rule them All !
    Importance of the social media platforms in nowadays is enormous. The number of users is growing daily and they have become a major source of information, place for entertainment and for communication.
    Good news is that Steem blockhain already has alternatives for most existing interfaces and platforms.
    With speed, decentralization, and rewards, I think the time is coming when the Steem blockchain will take over the internet and the value of Steem will rise accordingly.
    Hope that this video describes that:)
    Video is free to use if you need it for any purpose.

  7. Croatia community created
    I know that are many active Croats here on Steemit and Steem blockchain, also know that many of you have visit Croatia since is touristic country and you would like to share your experience.
    I have created community for everyone and everything related to Croatia and I invite you to subscribe and join this community.
    Here is the link- https://steemit.com/trending/hive-127706

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steem steemit blockchain community

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