Are you ready for the next #HiveChat ? I’ll be your host and it’ll be only one question about Hive Network Effects.


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    Published on Aug 08, 2020
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    You never need to visit my old posts and I usually bring everything I do under one post.

    I’ll be hosting the next #HiveChat on Twitter at 12 GMT and it’s our 4th one. However this HiveChat will be Live AMA with me. I wanted to listen your answers to only one question. We can discuss the answers during the AMA as well. In case any reason you can’t participate in our 4th Week HiveChat then please answer the question here on Hive or on Twitter .

    As a Hive owner what are you willing to do increase the Hive Network Effects?

    in Spanish

    ¿Qué estás dispuesto a hacer para incrementar los efectos de networking en la red de hive como un miembro activo?


    The secret of building business brand is creating network effects. AirBnb, Uber and Coinbase took massive advantage creating Network effects by giving referral rewards and Building Solid product.

    Businesses with strong network effects have always subsidized early adopters. Now, with tokens, they can outright pay early adopters. We're early Hive Adopters and the more people we bring to our Network the more reward we get. So please take extreme responsibility and ownership of our Hive and let's grow our Hive Network effects. Let's win together. We can all win and its a positive sum game.

    Bitcoin is in no danger - it has network effects. There are so many people fought really hard to in the early days of Bitcoin to build a strong Network effects. Now probably everyone in this planet would have heard of Bitcoin. Remember Bitcoin is only 12 years old and HIVE is only 5 months old.

    Open protocols have superior network effects. Because we're truly decentralised Hive Network effects will be Huge. And Hive is social Network and Bitcoin is not social. We can make our Hive bigger than Bitcoin. I really want everyone to understand this. I hope this is not complicated. Hive really really underrated crypto and undervalued. As a owner we must put high value to our own Hive.

    Networks have "network effects." Adding a new participant increases the value of the network for all existing participants. I know some people believe that if they bring a new person to Hive then they get less rewards for them. This is stupid zero sum game thinking. We're collectively baking our Hive pie together and making it bigger and stronger. When HIVE hits $5 we all win. And more people must take ownership and that's the main difference between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 You're not just a user but you're the owner of hive. When you own something you behave and act differently and that's why skin in the game is so important.

    Another thing I hear a lot is Hive is a platform. This is completely wrong because with one Hive account we've the access to entire operating system. People need to educate themselves more and learn more including myself.

    Network effects thus create a winner-take-all dynamic. The leading network tends towards becoming the only network.

    Let's together make our HIVE a winning Network and It's in our Hands.

    We got this. I know most people are taking ownership and contributing so much to grow our HiveNetwork effect. Please do what ever you can to spread the web 3.0 protocol Hive. Please teach and support new Hivers whenever you can. If we can all collectively do this then we'll be going to the moon sooner than later.

    I truly believe we can make $1 Hive very soon and it's in your hands.


    Growing our HIVE Network Effects via Twitter with Hive5TweetADay

    How can you participate in Hive5TweetaDay tomorrow ?

    Step 1 - Write something cool about our HIVE
    Step 2 - Write Day 9 #HIVE5 #HIVE $HIVE
    Step 3 - Tag 5 HIVE community members along with country flag
    Step 4 - Attach a video/photo/Gif of you doing Hi-Five

    I wanted to give a shoutout to 5 of our HIVE community members for participating in HIVE5 Tweet a Day 8.

    1. @practicaleric 🇰🇪
    2. @flaxz 🇸🇪
    3. @lisamgentile1961 🇺🇸
    4. @elianaicgomes 🇵🇹
    5. @joetunex 🇿🇦


    Bringing new Hivers via online and offline with HiveDates. We can also get to know each others within our Hive community with HiveDates.

    HiveDate ft. pixiepost 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. sergiomendes 🇵🇹 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    HiveDate ft. adetorrent 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    HiveDate ft. steevc 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    HiveDate ft. jongolson 🇨🇦
    HiveDate ft. snook 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. flaxz 🇸🇪
    HiveDate ft. babarakas43 🇺🇸 🇯🇲
    HiveDate ft. jeffjagoe 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. spectrumecons 🇦🇺
    HiveDate ft. belemo 🇳🇬
    HiveDate ft. nonsowrites 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. sgt-dan 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. josediccus 🇳🇬
    HiveDate ft. mandate 🇳🇬
    HiveDate ft. joythewanderer 🇧🇪
    HiveDate ft. schneidy 🇵🇭
    HiveDate ft. dexpartacus 🇮🇹
    HiveDate ft. engrsayful 🇧🇩
    HiveDate ft. maddogmike 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. ph1102 🇪🇸
    HiveDate ft. dijin 🇮🇳
    HiveDate ft. bradleyarrow 🇨🇦
    HiveDate ft. bigtakosensei 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. practicaleric 🇰🇪
    HiveDate ft. pittsburghhodlr 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. unklebonehead 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. tibfox 🇩🇪
    HiveDate ft. cranium 🇺🇦
    HiveDate ft. rollie1212 🇺🇦
    HiveDate ft. freecrypto 🇮🇳
    HiveDate ft. teodora 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
    HiveDate ft. priyanarc 🇺🇦
    HiveDate ft. k-banti 🇳🇬
    HiveDate ft. jackmiller 🇦🇺
    HiveDate ft. knowhow92 🇬🇷
    HiveDate ft. elianaicgomes 🇵🇹
    HiveDate ft. discoveringarni 🇵🇭
    HiveDate ft. sanjeevm 🇮🇳
    HiveDate ft. niallon11 🇮🇪
    HiveDate ft. EricWilson 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. jeduardoz 🇻🇪
    HiveDate ft. jaynie 🇿🇦
    HiveDate ft. ilazramusic 🇻🇪
    HiveDate ft. afrikablr 🇨🇱
    HiveDate ft. lecharles 🇫🇷
    HiveDate ft. jeduardoz 🇻🇪
    HiveDate ft. @steemflow 🇮🇳
    HiveDate ft. @stellabelle 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. @johnlambrechts 🇺🇸
    HiveDate ft. @indigoocean 🇺🇸


    Today is my 6th day taking part in #CleanPlanetChallenge by spending 5 minutes a day via Twitter Live and taking care of our mother earth. More details about how you can join @cleanplanet post

    #CleanPlanetChallenge Day 6
    #CleanPlanetChallenge Day 5
    #CleanPlanetChallenge Day 4
    #CleanPlanetChallenge Day 3
    #CleanPlanetChallenge Day 2
    #CleanPlanetChallenge Day 1


    I make a 5 seconds video everyday and celebrate that I'm Alive. This 3Speak video is my 12th day of doing my IAmAliveChallnge

    Tags :

    hivechat iamalivechallenge hiveisalive cleanplanet hive5

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