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Published on Dec 06, 2020
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Hi Hivers .

Hope everybody is well. Today I have brought in front of you a new design of mine. This is a triplex building. I used #sketch up 2019 to create this design. Sketchup is a 3D design software.

  1. What is a triplex building?
  2. How is it?
  3. How much does it cost to make it? What are the benefits of triplex building from the residential building?
  4. What is the difference between a duplex building and a triplex building?
    Today I will try to explain these issues. And finally, I will tell you about my design.

First of all, let me explain to you about Plex. You notice that the buildings are called duplex, triplex, or fourplex, multiplex buildings. Plex refers to a building having a fixed wall, roof structure with three or more units. A duplex, triplex, and fourplex homes come in various shapes and configurations. Now if it is a two storey building with 3 or more units then it is called a duplex building. Therplex here means having three apartments, floors, or sections triplex called triplex house. And multiplexes say it has to be a rented property, it can be from two floors to four floors. And there must be four or more units. Special homeowners can also stay here as needed.

Now talk about the cost 💵💵. Now the cost depends on the owner. A designer designs his house based on the owner's expenses. One thing to keep in mind is that it costs more to build a duplex or a Therlix house than a typical residential home. The level of cost is entirely up to you. Because a survey found that cities that use these duplex or triplex homes spend $ 550,000 to $ 2 million to build a house. The advantage of this type of home is that you can make proper use of your land. If you are three brothers, you can all live in the same house. And at the same time, you will all get the same opportunity. This will help you to maintain good relations. Moreover, it has been seen that the price of this type of house is very high. If you can build a good house, you can sell it at a high price. And the price of this house is many times higher than an ordinary house. Because there are many rich families who buy this type of house just to spend time.

In the language of researchers, if a house is designed or built for a family, it is called a single-family home. Until his partner or any new ownership is coming. If a two-storey or three-storey house is built for two or more families, it is called a duplex or triplex house. Or it is also called a twin house. It does not depend on the configuration. You need to have enough land to build this type of house. This type of house is not always monopolistic, in many cases, it is seen that such houses are built for themselves or for any purpose. In this type of home, the units are all the same. Don't compare it to a bungalow again. The bungalow and the plex building are completely different. Bungalows are two or more storeys but there are not many houses to live in.

new house 1.jpg

new house 1.jpg

new house3.jpg

Front side new house2.jpg

Back sidenew houseback.jpg

1st floor top view new house1st.jpg

2nd floor top view new house3rd.jpg

3rd Floor top view

new house2nd.jpg

Hopefully, through the above brief discussion, I have been able to explain to you about the duplex, triplex building. Now let me give you some explanation about my design.

This is a triplex building. The reason for saying triplex is that we have shared three units for three families in this three storey house here. One unit on each floor is for a family. Although the amount of space here is the same, each floor configuration is made much differently. You must have the permission of the homeowner to make such a distinction. I made it my own, so I didn't need anyone's permission. I have given all the floors in different shapes in the pictures below so that you can understand. Here I did this drawing on a hill. I have also created a little space in the back so that you can enjoy the view of the beautiful environment behind the house. I have planted a lot of plants around the house so that the home environment looks very beautiful. Another special thing is. All the trees that I have given here are given automatically inside the software. I just drew the building. The colors I have used here are completely my choice.

And here only the building is planned. No drawing of the foundation of the building is given or done here. So if anyone follows this drawing, you must have the foundation drawing of the drawing done by a skilled engineer.

Hopefully I have been able to explain this design to you. I have made some mistakes here, hopefully in the next drawing I will be able to make everything more beautiful and detailed.
I hope you like my design.

I am Arhat from Bangladesh. I am a Civil Engineer. This drawing is made entirely from my own experience. I work with this kind of #Architecture + Design. I always using this software. I hope you will be by my side. Thanks.

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