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    Published on Feb 03, 2022
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    You might think, again some questions and guessing games that are coming from me, but more or less this was just a rhetorical question. The answer to the question: Is there any difference? is of course, positive. Every day, we may face different challenges and tasks, even if they seem so similar. Let's see a very simple example: the keys of the piano seem all the same, but they don't make the same sound. The music scores we play from are the same, but there are no two same interpretations. Even if we just compare our own interpretations. From day to day we are different. The circumstances can be different. The results of our activities are altered... as it was my practising too.

    I would like just to leave the video without any explanation, so you could see by yourself what happened and have, hopefully, a great laughing time. As I had it when I listened back to one part of it, the second part of the video. However, I will make it clear and warn all of you as I don't want to damage your hearing. Be prepared! Grab some earplugs, just in case...😂 {I am serious about the earplugs}

    So, here we have the situation. If you remember from my post from two weeks ago what was the trigger to write that article? The remodelling of the neighbour's apartment? Well, this time we have the same trigger. And sounds too. Real, heavy sounds mixed with the piano sound, and Vivaldi music.

    Yesterday was a nice, working and noisy day. When the refurbishing activity started, (I can not even know what they can still work on there), my intuition pulled me to the piano. I set the video option on my phone and started to play. You can see, I tried to be louder than the noise, but it was almost impossible. I enjoyed that battle, it was fun for me... but they won. The workers from the other side of the wall had the victory, they were louder than my piano.

    I am just laughing now with my yesterday's dressing decision too, as I just grabbed my son's striped sweater for this playing occasion, so just to clarify, it is not my new style :D But it is also funny how he outgrew me, his stuff is too big for me. The mistakes I have while playing are not so funny though. I was changing the tempi, sped up, missed some notes, played wrong notes and in a few measures I left out the left hand. How difficult was it to concentrate with that noise?


    To compare that practice session, I recorded today the same part of that piece L'estro Armónico composed by Vivaldi, in some nicer conditions. No noise + recorded the piano through the recording equipment. This is what you can hear in the first part. It is let's say okish, far from being perfect, but there is a difference. The second recording is way more interesting than the first "normal" part!!

    Oops, I answered my own question right now :))


    If you don't agree with me, let me know :) So, which recording do you like more, the first or the second part of the video? I hope you didn't suffer too much while listening to the recording with the background "music"... but I do hope you had a lot of laughter while listening to that crazy situation :))
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