It was just a dream... but Black Shadow is real!


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    Published on May 03, 2022
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    At that moment, when I was already on the spot, when I needed the scores, I realized that I had left them at home. I tried to explain to him, the director if he could then take over my part of the job so I could go home to pick up the things I had forgotten. Or if he could go to my house to get them. He did not understand the seriousness of the situation, as if he did not understand why it was so important...

    I started to feel weird. Doubts also started to creep deeper into my mind. Why I am at school but I need the scores for the rehearsal? Something was not matching here...

    When I opened my eyes, and slowly started to recognize the walls of my room, the furniture and the familiar place: home, then everything became clear. It was just a dream.

    I was happy, as it was not for real, I didn't forget the music scores I needed for the rehearsal. It happened just in the world of dreams. But not just because of that I was happy. Also because of that fact, I have finally remembered a dream of mine. The thing is that for some time, I keep forgetting what I am dreaming about. I already missed this sensation, to be able to think about my dreams while awake. I do have some flashbacks from some dreams I think they are always subconsciously in my mind. Those are some pictures I already had in my dreams many years ago but while awake and in some undefined strange state, I clearly see them. Often. The path in the mountains, the tunnel, the curve and going to the other side of that mountain. Green and dark background. It is mixed and accompanied almost always by another dream, again a path, a curve, field, forest, a lot lighter picture, like happening around noon or early afternoon. I can geographically determine where it is, although when I went there in real life to check it, it doesn't look like that hahaha. But I am more than sure that place looked like in my dream, but maybe not now, in the present time. {I do not blame you if you think now that I miss some brain cells from my mind}.

    To come back to this current dream. Music scores and rehearsal. I had yesterday a rehearsal with the choir as in a week or so we will have a concert. And just a few days ago, the director of the same choir announced another concert for June, with a Norwegian choir that will visit Spain so a joint concert with them will happen. On that one, we would perform a composition titled Negra Sombra. This one I already played last year with them and a short part of it could be heard in my very first post in the Q- inspired community, then still with another name. The video in the post doesn't work, but maybe clicking here among laughter the tune can be recognized.


    So, after the dream, and knowing we will perform again that beautiful song (which made me have goosebumps and tears in my eyes - while playing it at the concert, live, last year) it is coming here in this home version (not my home, but still, it is just a home) :)

    So, Negra Sombra - (Black Shadow in English) in the home version, with a "half mistake" at one point is here.

    Well, who wants to guess, can let me where I had a weak moment :D

    I will not be bothered if you point it out, it would be fun to see if it is visible.


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    dream piano music pob vyb concert home

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