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    Published on Jul 14, 2021
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    Most of us are pretty confident in our time control ability. We think as we can measure the time, we can also organize well all our activities in that time frame of 60 seconds, 60 minutes, 24 hours, or seven days. And so on. Weekly and monthly plans can already be here, at least I like to have some kind of orientation on what I would like (have) to do. As well, we can have plans for the short future, maybe not plans... but triggers are here to make us take action. If I am hungry, I will plan when and what to prepare for dinner. At the same time, I see what is the current time in the right upper corner of the screen and take other actions too. I have to leave this post and go to the store to buy a light bulb that has burned out. It will take me about half an hour. Afterwards, I will continue to write offline, and when I'm done with the text, I should find a piano to record music, also go to a place with a good internet connection and upload the video that will go into this post. Series of actions that will consume time.

    But how fast and effective we consume time is not the same for everyone as our perception of time is individual. And relative. Not only may the person next to you feel the same amount of time running at a different speed, but your perception also varies depending on the situation you are in. If you are in a danger, those seconds may seem pretty enough to think quickly and take the best options to avoid the accident. However, the same dangerous situation can "paralyze" a person and it can not do anything. It is amazing to see all those differences, but imagine how great would be to experience the presence of some other dimensions where the time is not going at the same pace. Wouldn't you like to live it?



    Anyhow, at the moment we have the established measures of time so we will stick to them. Today, while I was waiting my turn in the waiting room of my dentist, to make the feeling more pleasant (again just our perception) I was reading a magazine that I found on the desk. On one page I found some facts about what is happening in our body without us even being aware of it. Even more, the facts were connected to the time-frequency those things are happening. So for example, the brain of each human individual contains about 86 billion neurons. Each of these neurons individually sends up to a thousand nerve impulses every second. If you are good at maths you can calculate how much is that for a minute, I will skip it for sure not to make it wrong.

    The other fact I remember is that a person blinks up to 20 times in one minute, but again it can be different. The number of blinks drops if we work in the front of a screen, and it can lead to headaches. Next example is our heart rate. We all know that a normal adult heart rate is between 60 and 100 beats per minute. But a person's heart rate can vary depending on several factors, such as emotion, physical condition, stress, height and weight, and so on. Athletes have a smaller and more stable number of beats per minute.

    All these examples of amazing processes in our body were measured in time...Although we don't really control those things, we can have some influence on them. As for example the heart rate; choosing a good diet, healthy lifestyle, no too much stress, it can be more stable. What I know right now that my heart rate is not so calm, as I realized I had to organize better "my time" that I had before our trip. Maybe to record in advance more videos hahaha. The time control ability from the beginning of this post was not so effective in my case. Now I will have stick to other conditions, like playing in an old piano that is not mine, without the good sound recording equipment. So you will listen now to a recording of a prelude, composed by Johann Sebastian Bach, in D minor, played in an old upright piano. The choice of the music for this time related topic? I am sure mister Johann Sebastian Bach had to be well organized and he had to use his time wisely. Did you know he composed more than 1000 composition during his lifetime? In addition of being an organist, having 20 children and doing educational work... Hope the sound and image quality will not bother you too much :) Try to enjoy and let me know, how do you cope with your time control!

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