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    Published on Feb 14, 2021
    About :


    I was waiting for this day. To spread the vibes. Some great things are happening around here, new connections, new ideas and motivation. Although, I react to the slightest spark with a lot of emotions, so maybe I am not so objective. You know, I am just a musician and we feel the things maybe in an exaggerated way.

    First of all, I want to bring this idea closer to you. Challenge Not Challenge IS a challenge and NOT at the same time. It is about engaging, motivating and supporting each other, and spreading the vibes. It is about connecting through music, through vibes. When you write the post, it is important to be your personal opinion of the song, musical piece, composer or performance you are invited to respond to. You give your opinion or review and pick the song that you want to share, play or review and invite one or more other users to respond to that song. But to be more precise, here comes the scheme:

    Spread the Vibes Guidelines:

    -Post Content includes:

    1. your reaction to the music that was shared with you
    2. your music selection and related story
    3. your invites of other HIVE members
    4. link to the post you react to

    Post Tags has - to include #spreadthevibes #music
    Post Community - any community you like.

    Ensure that the person you invited finds out about it, or by commenting on one of his last posts, or use discord or other means of communication if you think he/she will not see the notification on #hive.

    Also, since we think that engagement is a very important, comment on the post where you were invited and leave a link to your post when you write it so that we don't accidentally miss it.

    Last but not least, have a lot of fun and passion in the challenge not challenge!


    I am responding to this post:

    The pianist you share here is a new name for me. But it is not to be any strange, I cut the impact of media on my life, so no tv, Facebook or another interesting pastime for me, basically hive is the Internet window to the world from my home. So Annelie. Very gentle playing with a melancholic undertone. What I could hear from the other songs is also the same sad atmosphere. The harmony she uses, i.e. their progression is not typically just classical...I would say a mixture of neoclassicism and minimalism with a personal tone. She uses broken chords and a melody line in the right hand and the rhythmical pattern in some songs is quite unpredictable and it gives freshness.

    The sound we can hear, in addition to the music, is the sound of the mechanism of the piano and the hammers, as well the sustain pedal. It seems that it is recorded on an upright acoustic piano unless she added afterwards those effects, but it is not likely. It has the natural sound of those old upright pianos I used to play during my whole life.

    In the song you picked, titled 17, I made a harmonic analysis. She starts on a single note C, and then the next four bars are G major, F# major, E minor and that short phrase finishes in B minor. After that, it modulates and the whole song is based around C minor.
    The main scheme of the song 17 is a simple, sad melody in the right hand while the left hand has a typical waltz accompaniment. A sad waltz, not for dancing happily, that is for sure.


    During my musical education, I played everything. We could just simply say cheerful happy, sad, dramatic, boring studies and scales, not so boring studies, hard and easy pieces. From baroque to contemporary music. But at one stage of your process of learning, you want to play sad compositions. We always liked more Beethoven with his drama or Chopin with his painful melodies than the cheerful Haydn or Mozart. But I don't think that way now anymore. Must be that I am getting old, or I seek optimism (saying that, I will miss this week my #SadSunday post. But I find it more important and interesting to respond to the challenge - what is not a challenge than to write my usual post.

    So having experience in playing any kind of piano composition from the genre of classical music, it was not difficult to pick something that could match this piece of Annelie. It will be Waltz in B minor, composed by Franz Schubert.

    The reasons for my choice:

    1. It is a waltz, a sad waltz, as the piece you shared

    2. It is written in B minor (the first phrase of Annelie's composition ends in that key)

    3. It is an original piano piece, not an arrangement.

    4. It is almost of the same length as the song 17, around 2 minutes

    So dear @edje, my response to your invitation ends here. I hope you will enjoy this piece and my interpretation more than you would enjoy listening to Richard Clayderman, you had to listen when you were a child. I am not so modest, lol, but I feel a lot of confidence engaging with you, so I can make some joke, right?

    My invites for #SpreadtheVibes, in this Challenge Not Challenge first edition are:

    1. @ewkaw, as I know she played the piano before and I know she would like to do a music post...
    2. @bertrayo, as he is the poet-writer on my posts about my interpretations and a special member of our "invention" Poetry League!
    3. @andrewmusic, as a new hive friend and a very hard-working guitar player!

    Source of Anneline photo

    Thank you @edje for involving me in the process of the creation of this great idea and picking the name and tag #spreadthevibes that came into my mind after one sleepless night... Something like this was the last night as well.

    Tags :

    spreadthevibes music challenge engagement emotions

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