Spread The Vibes - Bridging Back from Techno to Classical


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    Published on Jun 20, 2021
    About :


    How to write this post and completely avoid the word time? It took me some time to think about that how nice would be not to mention that word, but it is not possible. Seems that lately, everything turns around that one, more precisely, the lack of that one. How else would happen that more than a month passed by the invitation from edje to spread the vibes and still no answer from me? It is a challenge, that I accepted but still no response came from me in this edition.

    If you are facing this challenge for the first time, here is a brief summary of what it is all about.

    Short history.

    Some time ago, the inventor of this challenge had the idea to share a piece of music and invite a few people to describe what impact that music had on them. To aim is to give your personal opinion upon the music that was shared with you, and make your own music selection. Then do the same, invite others to react to it, to spread music, story, emotions, thoughts, ideas, vibes. I remember, that I was very quick in responding for the first time. I made my response when I was invited in less than 24 hours.... Then the next one I was invited happened to come in two days. Also, the people I invited in the first edition were willing to make their responses pretty quickly, like andrewmusic with his awesome guitar playing, and bertrayo sharing some cheerful music. Edje received some nice responses too. To the second edition stortebeker jumped in to save the thread and he invited others to do the same. Successfully. That went well until the vibes fell asleep a little. Not accepting the unfortunate faith of challenge not challenge - spread the vibes, I tried to wake them by responding to a post by Nicky Havey and it happened. Dear holisticmom accepted to spread them and her invites made great ones. Edje accepted too with his, in my opinion, masterpiece. And then nada. I failed to respond earlier, as I set a too high goal. I wanted to respond by playing a piece that turned out to be more difficult to learn than I thought. I studied and studied, other things also made their way to shake my daily schedule, so there were times I practised after midnight for a concert and this piece you are going to listen to in this post. Poor neighbours and my family.
    However, the day came, maybe it is still not perfect, but the intention is to share the vibes, feelings and love through music and not just perfectly played notes.

    First step, responding to the invitation I got!

    If you are asking, what now, how to spread the vibes? First, respond to the music that was shared with you. I am responding to the track Bionic Sad, by Ricardo Villalobos. I was sure that I will be given some track made by this Chile guy, so I was preparing before that post came to the blockchain. I was listening to his album Empirical House, almost every day just a short part, to get used to the sound. One night when I had one of my migraine attacks, I listened in the dark to the track Sub Pad, and it made me feel very strange, I didn't know if that falling into a black hole effect came because of my pain or music. From the track Widodo, the bass line was that attracted my attention so it could be heard coming out from my piano. But, the reality was different, Edje shared a completely new track in his post. Bionic Sad.

    The word sad is catchy here, I listened until now at least between five and ten times to the whole 45 min track, and I do feel some sadness in the synthetic string tune but even then, positive excitement is coming out from the whole thing. The sound effects he uses here are so unpredictable but that steady female voice that constantly repeats bionic sad is getting into your head and you repeat it with her in perfect time. Not just your mind reproduces that voice, but your heart is responding with an accelerated heartbeat rate to appearing and disappearing sounds. The steady rhythm layer (I am not sure how to call it, not a usual percussion part...) is evoking some not human presence. Extraterrestrial language and mode of expression perhaps? Edje, you bridged in your post from Ludovico Einaudi's Experience to minimal alien techno in form of Ricardo's Bionic Sad. Would you be surprised if I boomerang it back to classical?

    My music selection.

    The music I will bring here is classical indeed, but a more contemporary one. Vasilije Mokranjac, I am sure you have never heard of him before, but I can be wrong. He dedicated his opus to instrumental music, in neoclassical and moderate modern style. Maybe you already listened to his virtuosic piano music, as you always try to search for hidden music gems. Bionic Sad as the trigger brings as a response this Etude no 4 from the composer, who took his own life in 1984. The piece I play here is characterised as painful and in some parts with bitonal harmony. I would not comment about the difficulty, the fact I needed so much time to get it into shape speaks for itself. And I would like to hear others make their reaction to it, so nothing more will be said.

    Exciting part: Inviting people to follow up!

    There is no pre-determined number of how many participants you can invite. Here I will invite more people than I used to do in the earlier editions. Reason? Check it out here:

    nataliaeline: You are one of the new gems I met in Hive Open Mic, and as we share the same instrument, I would be glad if you could make your contribution to the Spread The Vibes challenge with your beautiful voice and piano playing!

    josueelinfame: Also a new legend in Open Mic, top engager and so natural to have with you some chit-chat on posts! Bring your sweet voice and spread some vibes.

    mae1510: Our sparkling girl, Mae! All we need is love and those sparkling vibes you bring in each post and comments. If you are willing, spread some of them in this challenge not challenge too!

    bil.prag: Photography and music, both can be a passion of some people. You are one of them, so I am interested if Vasilije Mokranjac can spread some vibes towards you. Feel free to follow up this game :)

    beesparkle: I don't know you well, but maybe it is the time to change it? I am sure this musical piece I play here can connect with you in some way. At least I hope.

    edje: You will be always invited by me, any time I make a new edition (oops, if anyone invites me in the future lol). So what do you think, was it a good choice this Etude by Vasilije Mokranjac? Not so minimalistic, but I think it has some elements you can like.

    No time limitation to make you response, if you feel the call. However, try not to take my example and let time win :)
    To take part in this challenge, respond to this post or any other from before if you like more than this one with your personal reaction. Link the post you are responding to, and would be good to share the very first one as there are the {rules} - sorry, guidelines how to take part :)

    If you follow up, leave the link to your published post in the comment section of this post. Use the tags #spreadthevibes and #music . You can post in any community, but would be cool to see the growth of this this small writing corner :)
    Have a lot of fun!!!

    Tags :

    spreadthevibes musicforlife palnet proofofbrain neoxian

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