✈️#911Truth Part 15: Feature Presentation: The Dawn of a New Age by Dr. Judy Wood


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    Published on Sep 01, 2020
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    In #911Truth Part 15 I have uploaded Dr. Judy Wood’s presentation from the 2012 Breakthrough Energy Movement (BEM) Conference in Holland, and which is titled: ‘Evidence of Breakthrough Energy: The Dawn of a New Age’. Judy goes through slide after slide of irrefutable evidence regarding what actually happened on September 11, 2001; which is that the World Trade Center Towers (all 7 of them) were literally turned to dust in a phenomenon before which had not been publicly seen before. Steel, concrete, and even humans turned to dust while leaving very little rubble, seismic impact, or even conventional heat. The fact of the matter is that all this was put on display for all to see, but only Dr. Judy Wood understood what her eyes were telling her instead of the words of others.

    Judy's investigation into 9/11 goes beyond just the towers and explores evidence that very few minds have even come across; which are listed below:

    • Cars “toasted”, melted, twisted, levitated, flipped upside down, abnormally peeled, and crumbled.
    • Steel columns twisted like jelly.
    • Windows with circular holes on just one glass panel.
    • A giant Hurricane Erin “coincidentally” being right beside New York City.
    • Earth’s magnetic field having sharp changes at each major 9/11 event.
    • Tritium being found without ionization radiation.

    Interestingly, almost all of the effects present on 9/11 have been replicated by the inventor John Hutchison, “Cold Fusion” discoverers Stanley Pons and Martin Fleischmann, and even natural phenomena such as tornadoes and hurricanes.

    Dr. Judy Wood has opened the door to what “reality” truly is, and now it is up to us to walk through it…

    The original video is presented in Global BEM’s YouTube channel as well as on their website.

    YouTube Video:

    Global BEM Website: https://globalbem.com/dr-judy-wood-evidence-of-breakthrough-energy-on-911/

    For more information regarding Dr. Judy Wood’s presentation, the following resources are invaluable:

    To provide further reference, mainly for myself, I have taken screenshots from Dr. Judy Wood’s presentation of the important slides and they are listed in chronological order in the accompanying Hive post: https://peak.com/freeenergy/@mes/911truth-part-15-feature-presentation-the-dawn-of-a-new-age-by-dr-judy-wood

    Stay tuned for #911Truth Part 16...

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