COVID-19 Paper Results: Detection and Isolation of a "New Virus"


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    Published on Jun 30, 2023
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    In this video I go over the main COVID-19 "virus" isolation paper and look at the results section titled "Detection and Isolation of a Novel Coronavirus". While the title of the section suggests a "new virus" was discovered, the actual methodology used to come to this conclusion is lacking, to say the least. The usual virology methodology was used, which was take RNA from a handful of patients, assume it's from a "virus", and then use genetic sequencing technology to somehow obtain 20,000 short RNA sequences and compare with known "viral sequences" in an online database. Then PCR tests were performed with high cycle threshold values to detect common sequences shared among a group of "beta-coronaviruses". Growing cell cultures on human airway cells, monkey kidney cells, and liver cancer cells were assumed to be the same as "isolating" the "virus". The cell cultures were then observed for "cytopathic effects" and compared with a "mock infected" cell culture (with no detail given of this "mock infected" culture), and the images provided of the cytopathic effects were unclear, and insignificant in my opinion. Finally, the electron micrographs were provided of the heavily processed cell cultures and cell culture supernatants, supposedly showing the "virus" particles along with their "solar corona" spikes. Again, to me this is not strong evidence of "viruses", nor even of what exactly these particles are or what they do or can do, if anything.

    The paper is listed below:

    The timestamps of key parts of the video are listed below:

    • Paper Results: Detection and Isolation of a "Novel Coronavirus": 0:00
    • HCoVs, RNA Template to Clone, Viral Reads: 2:46
    • PCR to Detect Known "Viral RNA Regions": 3:40
    • PCR Cycle Threshold (Ct), VERO Cell Lines, Cloning Cell Lines: 4:35
    • Cytopathic Effects of "Infected" and Mock-Infected Cell Cultures: 9:20
    • Mock-Infected, Cilium Beating: 10:47
    • Electron Micrographs of Alleged "Virus" Particles: 11:17
    • Pleomorphism, Solar Corona, Extracellular "Virus" Particles, "Virus" Inclusion Bodies: 13:49
    • Summary of "New Virus" Detection and Isolation: 16:36

    This video is taken from my earlier video listed below:

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