🍕#PizzaGate Part 27: Was #SpiritCooking Too Much For Kanye West? + Marina Abramovic + Katy Perry


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    Published on Feb 22, 2022
    About :

    In #PizzaGate Part 27 I explain how I took a side quest while researching into the “97% Climate Change Consensus” which led me into a never ending rabbit hole of the extremely bizarre Spirit Cooking ways of the elites, and then ending up right back at “Climate Change”…

    I started off reviewing former president Barack Obama’s tweets about Climate Change, when I decided to see how many of his 90+ million Twitter followers are real. Using the website Twitteraudit.com, his was about 65% real, similar to Donald Trump’s 62%. Then I got thinking about checking my own (about 98% real #ImAsRealAsItGets) and stumbled upon Kanye West’s 92%, which is actually pretty high for a celebrity. But when I checked his Twitter account, it turns out his account had been deleted! Reviewing his archived tweets, it turns out that one of his last tweets were pro-Trump, or at least about Trump that were not anti-Trump, but then those tweets had been deleted later on too! These tweets came shortly after a November 2016 concert in which Kanye West cut the music and gave a speech highly critical of the mainstream media and Orwellian internet giants such as Facebook and Google. He called for unity beyond politics lines, which is in stark contrast to the typical violent anti-Trump rhetoric of many celebrities, and what happens when musicians don’t toe the line of their Hollywood puppet masters? Well, they get forced into a mental institute against their will and there social media platforms removed…

    From here I wanted to see what made Kanye West have a sudden change of heart as to the direction his industry was heading, and no better way to peer into this abyss then by checking out the posterchild of the ruling musical elite, Katy Perry’s and her bizarre Twitter account. As being the first person to reach 100 million Twitter followers, it may not be coincidence that she also has over 60 million of those followers likely being fake according to TwitterAudit.com. Her Twitter account and namely her profile picture involves some very creepy and disturbing “eye” or “illuminati” symbolism. Her new music video “Bon Appétit” shows some nasty cannibalism imagery, very similar to leaked images of Marie-Hélène de Rothschild’s, of the super powerful rich elite Rothschild family, 1972 party.

    This shocking similarity leads to even more bizarre “illuminati”, “Satanism”, and “Spirit Cooking” that appear to interconnect a “modern artist” Marina Abramovic with some of the very power elites, such as Lady Gaga, Jay Z, Kim Kardashian (maybe this was the final straw for Kim’s husband, Kanye West), and even the likes of the creepy James “jimmycomet” Alefantis, John and Tony Podesta, and George Soros’ son Alex.

    All these bizarre connections to even more bizarre “art” raises more questions than answers, but one thing that we do know is that the world has one big #SpiritCooking Club, and you’re not invited… (not that you would want to attend ?)

    Stay Tuned for #PizzaGate Part 28…

    Download the notes in my video: https://1drv.ms/b/s!As32ynv0LoaIhvguWNP27_a9q2ClVw

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