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    Published on Dec 12, 2021
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    😎The most radical characters💪

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    Hello Gamers of the community, how are you? I hope you are super well and welcome to a new video on my channel 3speak, today we return with the series of videos of Super Smash Flash 2, testing and playing with all the characters we have available in the game, this serves to know if their movements match the deliveries to which they belong or if they are similar to the original SSB made by Nintendo.

    It's important to remember that this video game was created by fans for fans. I have re-recorded gameplay for you, commenting while I'm playing, excuse me a bit if I'm a little bit shaky, I'm still new at this so I still need to practice haha. Commenting and playing at the same time is not easy, sometimes I lose track of the gameplay because I want to concentrate, what was easy for me was to choose the characters for this video.



    As the video is in Spanish, I will leave a brief description for people who speak English, so we are all happy and content:

    The video is gameplay commented by me in which I will be playing the classic mode with three characters: Ness from the Earthbound saga and Sonic and Tails (no need to mention which videogame they come from). So today I felt like trying one of the classic SSB characters, one of those characters that we had to unlock in the 64 SSB and was recognized for his gameplay, which was the most complicated of that game.


    Ness is a character that I used many times in SSB for the Nintendo 64, the character was difficult to use, not so much for his attacks, it was more for his jumps, especially the special jump that was very complicated to execute, we had to throw a ray and that ray had to hit the back of Ness to propel him upwards.

    This was achieved by moving the stick sideways to direct the beam, it also worked as an attack. I didn't try it much in the later installments of SSB, in the brawl, I remember that it had different moves, SSF2 Ness is a very well adapted character and still has the same difficulty as always which is his special jump, in this video, it was very complicated to execute it because I had to use the crosshead of my PlayStation 3 controller, it was very uncomfortable haha.


    Then it was time to try Sonic. Sonic is the fastest character in the game, but his speed is very exaggerated, the player must be careful not to pass with his agility, because it can happen to you that you start to move and lose track of where you are standing, many times in the gameplay I'm trying not to move too much on the edges of the stage, otherwise the character falls.


    The good thing about Sonic is that his attacks are very powerful, especially the sideways meteoric which consists of a punch, the downward meteoric is also very good because it can attack in the area, the movement attacks are not very powerful because he attacks with the spikes of his fur and as for his resistance is normal, it is not very good but not bad either.

    Finally, I used Tails, this character is not one of my favorites of the Sonic saga, if you ask me I would have added Shadow rather than Tails in this game, but as I'm not the one in charge, I started to play with him. The first thing I noticed in the recording is that Tails has no special jump, he can only fly normally, if we execute the command for the special jump what he will do is release a small robot that looks like him that explodes after a while.


    As for his attacks I did not perceive him very powerful either, he is not the best in this aspect, he is not the fastest, and he does not resist the blows very much, what I must highlight is his special attack, it consists of taking out a cannon in the style of Mega man, this can be recharged to create a more powerful ball of energy and occupy more area on the stage.

    Well Gamers, I hope you liked the publication of this day, and I hope the video is to your liking, there are few characters left, so in the coming days, I will bring more videos to finish this series in the best way, commenting on everything that happens and above all having fun making these videos.


    For now, that's all, thanks for reading and listening, will be until next time. 😉


    Thank you very much!!

    Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

    😎Los personajes más radicales💪

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