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    Published on Oct 03, 2021
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    🥊Time to fight again💥

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    Hello Hive family and community gamers, how are you? I hope you are super well and welcome to a new post made by me, this time I will be talking about my experience and the technical mechanics that I discovered when using the characters of the Pokémon saga in Super Smash Flash 2, that's right, Pokémons also has a place in this great fighting game.

    Since the 90's when the original franchise began to release its video games, its success was the starting point for their characters to be implemented in the first Super Smash in history, which came out for the Nintendo 64 console, two Pokémons were implemented, the first one that everyone knows that can be said to be the protagonist of the original TV series Pikachu, the second no one expected at the time, I think not even the programmers when they worked for the big "N", this Pokémon was nothing more and nothing less than Jigglypuff.


    Pokémon that I do not like to lie haha, but it is there since time immemorial, the most characteristic of Jigglypuff in that game was his moves that were based on those of Kirby, except for the special jump where Jigglypuff instead of jumping starts to sing a lullaby, and for that the character is unusable.

    In Super Smash Flash 2 we have four characters from the Pokémon franchise, are Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Pichu, and Lucario, each one retains their moves from the original versions of Super Smash Bros, although I can say that they are even improved, the first two characters appeared in the debut of the series on the Nintendo 64 console, to talk about the other two we must move forward a little more in time.


    In Super Smash Bros Melee that came out for the Nintendo Gamecube at the beginning of the millennium, Pichu makes his debut, the pre-evolution of Pikachu, the truth is I never understood why they added him in the first instance if there were more powerful and cool Pokémons at that time, at least in my opinion, Pichu had very fast and precise movements although he didn't do so much damage, the best was his jumps and his speed I think I remember, but what was worse was his resistance, for example, a meteoric Bowser (which in that game was one of the strongest characters) sent him flying even with 0% damage, ok maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but you could not let them hit you much with Pichu because his tiny humanity would make him fly sooner or later.


    As a curious fact in Super Smash Bros Melee we have another character from the Pokémon saga that should (in my opinion) be in Super Smash Flash 2 for a long time, this character is Mewtwo, the best antagonist of the entire Pokémon saga, I don't understand how such an important character is not in a game made by fans, but well surely they will add him soon haha.

    In the meantime, one of my frustrated dreams would be to see a fight between Mewtwo and Lucario, one thing leads to another, and years later thanks to a Pokémon movie (I don't remember its name) where Lucario had his first participation, the fans loved the character, including me, it was so much the furor that caused this Pokémon that soon became an indisputable participant in the Super Smash Bros saga making its debut in the Brawl version more than 10 years ago.


    I believed that Lucario was a Legendary Pokémon for many years until I decided to play one of the most recent Pokémon video games and I realized that it was just a common Pokémon, I have lied all my life, I like the shiny mega evolution version haha.

    In Super Smash Bros Brawl also appears another character that in itself is interesting but I do not know if it would be popular enough to have participated in SSF2, some of you remember the Pokémon Trainer, well this character could use three different Pokémons, more specifically are the initial of the first generation, Squirtle, Ivysaur and Charizard.

    This character in SSF2 would be very interesting, although, in my opinion, it would be better if the last evolutions of these three just appear and also the way to choose them would be individual and not through a trainer, can you imagine that we can use Charizard in the game, being able to fly, burn the opponents and use the dragon powers, for me, it would be very cool.


    Finally, I will tell you my impressions when I tried the four Pokémons that we have available in Super Smash Flash 2, to begin with, I always play with a PlayStation 3 controller, always in a fighting game I must use a controller, if not, I don't play directly, how is it possible that there are people who like to play with keyboard, but well let's continue, first I used Pikachu, then I used Jigglypuff, then I used Pichu and finally Lucario.

    Pikachu is one of the oldest characters in the saga of Super Smash Bros, so for me, it was easy to use for the first time in the game, I realized although I think it's my follies, I got the impression that Pikachu is slightly slower in SSF2 than in his counterpart of the most recent Super Smash Bros, I do not know why I also perceived him very heavy, also it cost me a lot to try to make accurate attacks.


    Similarly, the best of Pikachu is the meteoric and his specials, Pikachu's meteoric are with his two hind legs, the meteoric down is him rolling on the ground ejecting lightning, the meteoric both right and left is the mythical spark that Pikachu does from the beginning, to scorch the opponent, that is one of the most powerful moves, the meteoric up is simply whipping with its tail.

    Pikachu's special moves are also essential, first, there is the normal move that throws a spark that does minimal damage, then we have the special downward move that invokes a lightning bolt, this is the strongest move of the character and then we have the special jump that has been kept since Super Smash Bros 64.


    About Jigglypuff I won't talk much because it's practically the same as in the other games, the only thing I could highlight is the annoyance that is trying to do the special jump and he or she starts singing a lullaby, also when we try to do the normal special, it would be the slap move, in this case, the character starts to roll with his or her own body to infinity.


    Pichu for his part is much stronger in SSF2 than in the Gamecube version, he is much faster than before, his resistance is better and his jump helps a lot too, but there are two problems the first one consists in his inferior size, we have to make very precise attacks to be able to hit the enemy and the other sin is that, if we do a lot of the meteoric or the specials, the damage will also be received by us, they are much more powerful attacks, but we will have to assume the cost.


    Finally, Lucario is the best of the four, he is the strongest, most resistant, most skillful and with more jump, he lacks a little in speed but he compensates well with his attacks, starting with the special attack where we charge a ball of energy to throw it towards the opponent, the special jump that has a long-range, the meteoric ones that are executed with his fists of the fight, his weight is not a problem and the range of his skills are great, I recommend that you try it seriously.


    Well Hive family and Gamers of the community, I hope you liked today's post, I left you a video on my 3speak channel so you can visualize much better the abilities of these Pokémon characters, that video has music that can give a better atmosphere to the fights.


    Nothing more to say, see you soon.🤓🎮

    Thank you very much!!

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