#EOS #PowerUp: How To Use It (As Fast As Possible)


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    Published on Apr 06, 2021
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    Another tutorial provided for free by https://cryptoversity.com


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    Hi there guys this is Chris Coney speaking and welcome back.

    So here in front of me I have the EOS Authority Dashboard, the link to which is in the description for this video.

    If I click on PowerUp on the left…

    And then PowerUp Statistics…

    This bar is the total capacity of the EOS network and right this second about X% is being used, so plenty of room there.

    This chart shows the gradual transition from the old resource model where you stake EOS for resources, over to the new model where you rent resources on a pay as you go model.

    So to make that clear… [next tab]

    This is my Cryptoversity account and I previously staked EOS tokens for CPU and Net to enable my account to do a certain amount of activity on the network.

    That model is now retired so staking EOS in this way does little to nothing for you, so I’ve removed all but a tiny bit of EOS from CPU and NET staking.

    What I’m using right now is https://eospowerup.io/ [next tab]

    You can use this feature where you enter your EOS account name and then click PowerUp to get some resources for free.

    The trouble is, this is a manual process that you can only do once every 12 hours so I’m not bothering with that.

    Instead I’m using the auto feature, which first requires me to log in which I will do using the Greymass Anchor wallet on my phone [log in]...

    Now on the ‘auto’ tab there are just 2 simple steps to complete.

    First I’ll deposit 1 EOS into my PowerUp balance… [do that]

    The second I’ll add my EOS account to the watch list by clicking here…

    Enter my account name…

    And in these boxes I want you to put 5, 10, 3 and 8.

    It doesn’t matter which one you select because this tool will automatically buy you more resources every time you run out. This setting just determines how much it buys for you each time you run out.

    That’s it done. You can pretty much forget about resources for about a month.

    That 1 EOS I deposited here will gradually be reduced as I use resources.

    Allow me to demonstrate…

    If I now refresh the account details on Bloks.io…

    These are all my current resources readings.

    If I then go and do a swap on Defibox… [change tabs]

    I didn’t actually have enough resources to perform that action.

    But if I now go and refresh my account details on Bloks.io…

    As if by magic I’ve been allocated some resources.

    Then if I refresh the EOS PowerUp tool…

    I can see that my EOS balance has been reduced because the PowerUp tool has automatically bought some resources and allocated them to my account.

    That’s it.

    Now as long as you have a balance on EOS PowerUp.io, resource management is completely automated.

    And based on my medium to heavy usage of the network, 1 EOS is going to last me about a month before I have to top it up again.

    So that was how to use EOS PowerUp as fast as possible, please spread this video far and wide, Tweet it out, post it on forums, in Telegram chat groups, anywhere where there are people who are confused about the PowerUp model and want a SUPER simple way to make it work for them.

    Until the next one, it’s me Chris Coney saying, bye for now.

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    eos eosio crypto blockchain powerup

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