Kopinata Decaf Robusta A Local Deccafeinated Coffee Product Review


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    Published on Sep 17, 2021
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    Hey coffee lovers!

    As I want to be less dependent on Starbucks, I tried to find decaffeinated coffee grounds. Apparently, finding a decaffeinated coffee is not easy where I live. There are only 3 places out of so many cafes that sell decaffeinated coffee. And that is the coffee alone. When it comes to coffee grounds, it’s relatively difficult to find a non Starbucks or Nescafe product. Decaffeinated coffee is also more expensive than the regular coffee ground. With its scarcity, I was very ecstatic to find a local decaffeinated coffee ground.

    For those of you who don’t know about decaffeinated coffee, it is basically coffee in which its caffeine content is reduced through a certain process. This process often involves chemicals such as ethylene chloride or ethyl acetate. You can find out more about this decaffeinated process through a BBC report on it How do you decaffeinate coffee?. However, there are some coffee producers and roasters that claim to not use any chemical during its decaffeination process. If you are expecting no caffeine at all, you’d be up for disappointment because there is still a trace of caffeine, just much lower than your average cup of morning joe.

    Why does this coffee exist in the first place? Why don’t you just avoid coffee?

    An addict like myself finds it hard to avoid caffeine even when told by doctors. So, I need to find alternatives that won’t trigger my GERD and are safe for me to drink. Whether it’s actually safe, I doubt that, given that the process of decaffeination contains more chemicals than the non decaffeinated coffee. But eh, it is worth it. I still get to enjoy one of the most consumed liquids on earth.

    By now, you know that the decaffeinated process involves chemicals. And this coffee I got called Kopinata claims to be free of chemicals. I don’t know how they could be free of it but that would be great if they are actually 100% natural.

    Kopinata Decaf Robusta is available with several variants. I randomly get the pink one which is medium grind with mocha and fine finishing. The grinding size is okay for the coffee maker that I recently got; the perfect one should be medium-coarse but it’s okay. As for the taste, I don’t mind it. It’s something I would prefer more than floral or citrus coffee.

    Another thing that I find intriguing about this coffee is the box that contains a character from Indonesian Mythology. Mine has Dewi Shinta, which is a character in Indonesian puppetry and part of Indonesian mythology. The box has its characterization and the puppet’s profile. This one is also found in Hinduism and Hindu mythology. I found this coffee from a gift shop and I think this coffee is specifically marketed to tourists as this province is also one of those Indonesian tourist spots where the biggest buddhist temple was built.

    Though the instruction from the coffee box uses the Tubruk method which is steeping the coffee ground using hot water. I use my coffee maker. I only use 1 tbsp of it and a few ml water. I don’t recall what’s the size from my coffee maker but there’s a max level that I should not cross. So that was the guideline I used. But just roughly, it’s only for a cup.

    Overall, the taste was okay. I have no complaints and I think I get by. However, it was less tastier than the fresh arabica colombia ground that I have. My video also mentions some things in the description but also some additional things that I said impromptu. Anyway, see you in my next coffee review!

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