[PT-BR] Splinterlands: O Que é Credits, DEC, SPS, Rating e Power?


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    Published on Aug 09, 2022
    About :

    [ENG] Explaining Splinterlands Currencies: Credits, DEC and SPS

    Hello everyone!

    This is a video in Portuguese in which I explain about the 3 Currencies that exist in Splinterlands: Credits, DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) and SPS (Splintershards). It's a video focused on new players, in order to help newbies to understand the game and what are the differences between these assets: if they're cryptoassets or not, what's their utility on the game, what "governance token" means, how their price is determined, how you can buy or earn them, etc.

    I also talk about both Rating and Collection Power, how both of them are used to find in which League you'll be playing, and that, in order to grow on the game, you have to increase both your Rating (by playing better and winning more matches) and your Collection Power (by growing your card collection).

    Thanks for watching and reading, and until the next post!

    [PT-BR] Explicando as Moedas do Splinterlands: Credits, DEC e SPS

    Fala galera, tudo bom?

    Nesse vídeo, eu vou explicar as três moedas existentes no Splinterlands: Credits, DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) e SPS (Splintershards). Esse vídeo é focado em novos jogadores, e a idéia é auxiliar os newbies a entender o game e quais são as diferenças entre esses três ativos: quais são criptomoedas e quais não são; qual a utilidade de cada um dentro do jogo, o que uma "token de governança" significa, como o preço deles é determinado, como você pode ganhá-las ou comprá-las, etc.

    Eu aproveitei o vídeo para falar um pouco sobre o Rating e o Collection Power, como esses dois números são importantes para você saber em qual League (Liga) você jogará, e que, para crescer no jogo e atingir Ligas mais altas, você precisa subir tanto seu Rating (jogando melhor e ganhando mais partidas) como aumentando sua Collection Power (adquirindo mais cartas e fazendo sua coleção crescer).

    Obrigado por ler o post e assistir o vídeo, e até a próxima!

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    Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

    If you enjoyed the post, feel free to follow me as I'm routinely writing about Gaming, Investment, Fitness and Writing, and posting about other random fun subjects like Travel, Photography and Metal Detecting!

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    Unless stated otherwise, all images are created and owned by me, or from the game depicted on this post.
    This is definitely NOT financial, legal or investment advice. You wouldn't get your financial advice from a squirrel, would you? Cryptocurrencies are very volatile, so don't invest what you can't afford to lose.
    Also, believe it or not, I'm not actually a squirrel! This handsome rodent in my profile picture is a character from 'Conker: Live & Reloaded'. Here's Real Life me!

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