Winchester 1300 Defendor 12 Gauge Shotgun Info and Cleaning


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    Published on Mar 01, 2022
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    Here we have a Winchester 1300 Defendor 12 Gauge Shotgun. This model, if you couldn’t tell my its name, is not primarily used for hunting. Meaning that its purpose is to fight off intruders, aliens, zombies, or any other beings who are appropriate to fire upon. The easiest way to tell is by how short the barrel is. The shorter the barrel the faster it loses accuracy at longer distances. The main reason for the shorter barrel is so you can cut corners more sharply and so it can’t be grabbed by your assailant in case if a rush. For hunting shotguns you’re going to want a longer barrel. Gauge of a shotgun is a size measurement of the b.b.’s inside the shell. It takes 12 balls from a 12 gauge shell to make a pound. It takes 20 balls from a 20 gauge shell to make a pound. Get it?


    Unscrew the end of the shell loader by hand. Sometimes this will have a shoulder strap attached so remove before you remove.

    This usually holds the barrel in place so the barrel should be able to detach as soon as the top comes of the shell loader.

    When the barrel is removed you can find a pin located somewhere on your action, mind you not all shotguns are the same, and push it all the way through using anything strong, metal, and dully pointed. I chose to use a hole punch.

    You will completely remove the pin from the shotgun. Some are easier to push from one side than the other, I don’t know why and don’t know how to tell. I suppose you could look at the manual it came with. But let’s be grownups here, you threw it away.

    This pin holds the action and pump to the frame of the gun. Once removed the gun will almost fall apart with the wrong angle.

    Using a oil soaked cleaning patch wipe down all metal surfaces of the trigger and surrounding parts and check for dirt, carbon, or corrosion. When it seems over oily take a clean cleaning patch and wipe everything away. Go back and oil parts that need it.

    Check all other moving parts for the same debris and clean with oiled patch. So something I haven’t invested in but should is a plug for my shotgun barrel. A plug is, just that-a plug, a rubber piece that has bristles, cotton, or whatever you want lining the sides with a 4 foot string going through it. You drop one end of the string down and pull the plug through. As it gets pulled through it cleans your barrel.

    In the video I take the more labored route and use a cleaning patch on the end of a ramrod and scrub the inside instead.

    Also I try not to cut out parts where I mess up or have to figure out what I’m doing. This is to show you a real take on me cleaning a gun instead of a video perfect version where I make you feel bad for not keeping up with me. Make mistakes, a life full of bad choices and decisions you don’t regret is full of fun and adventure!

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