Strategy Chat: The Legendary Hydra!


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    Published on Jan 23, 2022
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    Strategy Chat: The Legendary Hydra!
    Hello and welcome to another Splinterchat with LordTimoty –
    Today, I need to talk to you about one of the most awesome cards I didn’t even know existed a few days back.

    The Hydra.png

    I was casually playing some ranked battles – and then, BAM! Out of no where I came up against this card and I instantly went to the market to find it.

    (In truth, it took a while, I didn’t think to check out Neutral straight away. I had vs’ed it in an Earth team, so I got stuck there for a while).

    OK – so let’s have a closer look at the card. I play in the Silver League, so specifically, I’ll focus on the card being Level 2.

    So what makes it so darn attractive?

    • It’s neutral, that means you can play it in any battle.
    • It has the heal ability – this is awesome in low mana fights. You see, it can heal itself every hit and it’s hard for your opponent to get a high attack in low mana to knock you down quickly.
    • It has the thorns ability – a skill which I really rate highly. It’s likely your opponent will play a tank in their first position, so you know you’re going to hurt him.
    • It’s only 7 mana, which is kind of cheap for a card that has good attack, thorns and heal!

    So – what is it’s perfect pair?

    • I would say any pairing that gives the card armour would be helpful. In Earth – this might be Mycella Queen, or in Water – your Venari Wavesmith. This will let you card take additional hits to get the edge, while both Mycella and Venari will use their MAGIC to make an impact on your opponent’s tank.
    • You might also think about pairing the card with a healer. This will mean the card can heal itself, and along with a life or water healer, you could prolong the battle – just be careful of sneak or snipe attacks that might derail this strategy.

    Let’s take a look at a 15 mana battle –

    I used the Merdaali Guardian, alongside the Hydra, using the final mana on the Hardy Stonefish.

    There were a couple of things going into this strategy. Firstly, I used Kelya Frendal because he gave my cards +1 armour. It borrows from the idea I spoke about with Mycella or Venari – it’s all about getting him that additional hit. The Hardy Stonefish then was there as a blocker. If my opponent did play a sneak card, I wanted him to spend a couple of hits getting through my defense – while I worked on knocking down his tank.

    Thanks for joining me today – and I can honestly say, I hope I don’t end up versing too many hydras in the future!

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