Hive Cryptopreneur 4: Hive Adoption in Financial Unstability, Gaming on Hive & 2nd Layer Tokens!


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    00:05 Hive ENGAGE Initiative. @ocd has created the engage initiative to onboard more users into the Hive ecosystem. I see Hive as a Reddit substitute. A powerful slogan for the Hive community is 'Blog to Earn'. I have seen a huge rise in adoption of Hive especially in South America! I have been loving @victoriabsb content!

    02:30 @bartertradeio, crypto trading platform, collaborates with Hive. It makes sense that crypto platforms are interacting with Hive, given it's a crypto social media. I think it's important to get 'off-chain' conversations, from Telegram and Discord, on-chain and onto Hive.

    04:25 Are your Hive rewards being DUSTED? @edicted posted an article making a great point that currently unless your curation reward gets you 0.001 Hive it seems to be dusted and you don't receive that. That could be a significant amount of crypto to someone, plus people should still receive a return on the value that they gave. Other 2nd layer community tokens go down to 8 decimal points. Yes, a tiny amount of crypto but it all adds up!

    08:02 @taskmaster4450 did another brilliant post on the @cryptobrewmaster game. Currently, the game pays you out in CBM token. You need atleast 1000 CBM in order to withdraw. Selling your CBM on the market gives you roughly 50 Hive. This won't get you rich but is still powerful as it is passive income. Very handy for clicking a few buttons!

    09:44 Rabona Football game on Hive! @rondras has done a fantastic job at creating a football game for us to play. There is a big opportunity and market for a game like this. Currently, football manager is a huge game and Rabona has a lot of similarities. Their RBN token allows them to have a functioning native economy within the game. Receiving crypto for playing games?! Where do I sign? Launch is looking likely towards the end of september.

    12:47 Vitalik Buterin Tweet gives us a brilliant analogy to understand how a blockchain works. Check it out here at

    18:31 @rollandthomas created a brilliant article about Warren Buffet buying gold. Previously, Buffet has bashed gold as 'it doesn't produce babies' (cashflow) yet now he has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into it. The quotation that comes to mind is 'don't listen to what they say, listen to what they do'.

    20:12 @coyotelation did a brilliant article about inflation that is happening in Brasil. Brasil have introduced a new 200 Reais/Reals. I've thought for a while that we are going to see the effect of all of this money printing when the numbers on the notes get larger. When the currency supply increases, purchasing power goes down. Brazillians may see this note and start to spend more and more. However, merchants will follow suit and increase their prices. This is an early onset of hyperinflation that we say in Germany in 1920s. Is Brazil have early onset hyperinflation?

    24:04 @taskmaster4450 shared a brilliant article about tokenisation of Real Estate in Croatia. What I see as a great opportunity for tokenisation of RE is the opportunity for micro-investing. Say you have a house worth $100,000. Tokenise that house into 100,000 tokens, thus each token is worth $1. This means that a micro investor can purchase 1 token and thus receive 100,000th of profit shares, through dividends, of that house. Huge opportunity here.

    27:08 @coyotelation again shared a brilliant article about the BRO token. @brofund BRO token essentially pays you out a proportion of their curation dividens in multiple communities ontop of Hive. It's that simple. 3Hive/token though? I'm not sure.

    28:15 @neoxian and @neoxiancity want to increase the value and utility of their token. I had a discussion with @brofund on twitter as they were looking for solutions to neoxian. See the discussion here:
    Eseentially, the biggest problem I feel for neoxian is that it isn't niche enough. You have other communities such as LEO,FOOD,LOTUS,SPORT that all have their niche content and therefor the community prospers. Neo needs that. @trumpman asks the brutal and straight up questions too in his post!

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