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    Published on Jan 15, 2022
    About :

    **Hi dear friends!
    It must be strange because I disappeared in the last few days **😊

    And now I'm popping in to let you know that I'm still here.
    I missed so many comments and posts of you guys. But know that I missed you all and I'm not leaving Hive!

    Currently, at the end of the year (Vietnamese calendar), I've got really important things to focus on at the moment.
    These things are REALLY IMPORTANT to me and my life and it's gonna be a good transformation 😊 I feel it!

    You know what it is? I'm getting a full time job as a content writer, while learning to be a copy writer at the same time!
    I have been writing a lot using my instinct and I feel super happy and proud.

    During this pandemic - it's been 2 years since I got my last tour and worked as an international tourguide, I have been struggling so much to change the direction to adapt to the new world dynamid!
    I don't want to just hang in there and wait for tourism industry to fully open again.

    And joining Hive is such a great thing I did - that led me to the idea of being a professional writer!

    Make better money that my skills, knowledge, mind spirit, my efforts deserve to be paid off with!
    And all I hope for is to get settled alone during the pandemic. I have one kid (my dog haha), and I'm 500 miles away from home. I have sister going to school and old parents...

    However, believe me this is a great transformation. I believe that my hands, my brain, my heart and spirit can do more than I have ever done!

    And so these days, I spend only 4 hours/day to sleep, 3 mins to eat a meal, and my apartment now is like a pig cage smelling like trash 🤣 I'm gonna have to stand up now to clean up though I'm very exhauted now...
    But all the training lessons that I've been taking, the tests I've been doing, the applications that I've been sending out... mean so much for me, and I hope to be more free in the next few days so I can get back here and share my content more consistently like I always did before.

    You know what I realized in the last few days?
    How much I love Hive and miss it! Yes! I miss you all! And trust me that it's not about how much I make (probably a lot) if I get successful applying for this full time job, Hive is still a part of me and I'll make a good schedule to keep everything going 😊

    I also found out my musical brain can't focus on too many things and do them gloriously at once!
    So these days I had to text all my friends that I won't be able to hangout for a few days, because I don't want to be a superficial listener when I'm with them!

    If I try so hard this way everything explodes like bubbles and I'll have nothing left after all my efforts. I'll be so sad!

    I told them: So... let me chase JUST one rabbit at a time and get back then we can celebrate together ok? 😊

    I hope you are all doing great there!
    I did a song for you, this is a special one I love to play on stage.
    (Forgot to let you know my town got in a slight lockdown 3 days ago so there won't be live music or parties or dinning in until further notification). I was sad but at least I can focus on other things now. And we can still go to the next street to hangout haha

    This song by Glenn Frey (oh I have a crush on him) talks about the freedom to make decisions in life. And though we don't know what will happen tomorrow, be present and enjoy it today, make decision for tomorrow, go for it and never regret! 😊

    Little Beatle ♫

    I felt it when the sun came up this morning
    I knew I could not wait another day
    Darling, there is something I must tell you
    A distant voice is calling me away

    Until we find a bridge across forever
    Until this grand illusion brings us home
    You and I will always be together
    From this day on you`ll never walk alone

    You're a part of me, I'm a part of you
    Wherever we may travel
    Whatever we go through
    Whatever time may take away
    It cannot change the way we feel today
    So hold me close and say you feel it too
    You're a part of me, and I'm a part of you

    I can hear it when I stand beside the river
    I can see it when I look up in the sky
    I can feel it when I hear that lonesome highway
    So many miles to go before I die

    We can never know about tomorrow
    Still we have to choose which way to go
    You and I are standing at the crossroads
    Darling, there is one thing you should know....

    You're a part of me, I'm a part of you
    Wherever we may travel
    Whatever we go through
    Whatever time may take away
    It cannot change the way we feel today
    So hold me close and say you feel it too
    You'e part of me, and I'm a part of you...

    Tags :

    appreciator ocd music singing cover feelgood hivevn

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