[PT/EN] Do 0 ao Mítico - Edição 2 || From 0 to mythical - Edition 2


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    Published on Feb 06, 2023
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    Hey guys! We're here for the second "From 0 to Mythical" and this time I've accumulated a few days of play so I can bring you more news and even the strategy used whenever possible when I'm playing with Hilda, who is the character I played in the game of video and who is one of my favorite soldiers since I started playing.

    I'm still a little rusty and I think I'll struggle when I reach the elo a little closer to Mythic, but I have until then to relearn how to build and get used to the changes in heroes and the game.

    I intended to do this journey entirely solo, but Tamara(@splinter100dedos) saw me playing and decided to play again too. She played a lot less than me and only reached the Grand Master elo, but she has played very well and helped a lot in the games we played together. Let's see if she will accompany me as my duo to Mítical. :)

    So let's get down to business!

    About the video

    The chosen match was not the one I played the best, but it was the one in which I managed to put the strategy I wanted to show into practice even making mistakes. My team in general helped a lot too, no one fed, everyone tried to fulfill their roles each at their level of understanding of the game and I had to ask them not to advance my lane but as soon as I asked they stopped advancing so it didn't disturb my strategy as it happened in other games.

    As you can see, I chose Hilda and went on the Exp route, although I sometimes play with her in the jungle or in rotation, the XP route works much better. @splinter100dedos was with me in a duo and she was Nana in the mid, Nana and Clint are the heroes she usually uses the most.

    So let's talk a little about the strategy used and what to do if it works or not.

    Match Strategy

    I call this strategy "Block farm" and it works well when you have soldiers with good sustain who have a high health regen or high defense, and a strong enough damage to endanger or even eliminate the soldier enemy if he falters and doesn't know when to retreat.

    The strategy is to not hit the minions and leave your lane as far back as possible and attack the enemy soldier directly by reducing his health and retreating to regenerate health until he has no more health to stay in the minions' field of vision and he needs to stay back waiting for the minions to reach his tower in order to gain xp/gold from the farm, but if you do this strategy well this will not happen, because you will not advance your lanes leaving your minions always halfway between lanes 2 towers or closer to yours if you can; That way you will get lvl 4 before him, usually I get lvl4 and the enemy soldier is still at 2 or right at the beginning of 3, sometimes depending on the enemy he is still at the beginning of 2 making him much more weak both in lvl and in items giving a huge advantage.

    If the enemy hero returns to the base to recover HP, it's time for you to advance the lane with everything you have and hit the tower's gold shield to earn extra gold. Doing this just wait for your enemy's mistake to eliminate him, if you do it correctly 1 elimination is enough for you to win the lane.

    I did it with Hilda as you can see in the video, but the dragon and Thamuz are also excellent with this strategy and depending on your control of the hero it can be done with almost any soldier as long as you know the time to enter and exit and Don't make the mistake I made by going too deep to eliminate your opponent. The most important thing is to win the farm, the kill is a consequence.

    What can go wrong with this strategy is if the opposing team responds quickly and makes a good rotation, for example if they realize that your lane is the one that is guaranteeing your team an advantage and they focus on you in the early game before you farm enough. If that happens, you should retreat to your tower and farm safely under the tower, you possibly won't be as strong, but in compensation the rest of your team will have more opportunities to farm safe if the rotation and the enemy jungle focus your lane. And on the other hand, the longer the jungle stays in your lane, the less xp the enemy soldier earns for sharing with him and the less xp the enemy jungle earns for being out of the jungle and killing a retreated soldier is not that easy. If you need to retreat, don't ask your team for help unless you really can't protect your tower under it, the ideal is for your team to use this advantage to win the other 2 lanes.

    Of course, for this strategy to work you need to have good control and knowledge of how much your character is able to withstand and deal damage, know how to position yourself well and there is always the possibility that the enemy will simply play very well and you will not succeed . But most of the time it's a good strategy that guarantees that you have the possibility to carry the game as you can see in the statistics below.

    Statistics and Elo achieved

    For the statistics I will ignore classic matches, feuds among others that are not ranked that I can eventually play to gather BP for heroes or fulfill missions.

    So considering our ranked games, in the period between the last post and this one I played 16 games having conquered the statistics below:



    Total Win Rate:95.24%




    Triple elimination:5(Total:11)

    Double kill:41(Total:63)

    Eliminations in a match:34(Unchanged)

    Assist in a match:11

    First kill:6(Total 8)


    7 games were played with Hilda(Total 7), 4 games with Badang(Total 9), 5 games with Clint(Total 6) and 1 games with Tigreal(Total 2).


    We went from Mestre 4 to Grande Mestre 2 in 17 games, of which 16 were victories and 1 loss. Unfortunately, this loss broke our 100% win rate and also broke our consecutive wins so our maximum consecutive wins so far is 15, let's hope we add another 15 and reach 30 consecutive for the next post.

    We keep earning extra stars for performance since out of the 16 wins I got MVP in 15 of the matches and that has helped the evolution to be fast, will I be able to keep that pace in the epic?.

    WhatsApp Image 2023-02-06 at 03.07.53.jpeg

    Below we have the borders that we have already conquered and the skin stamp of the season that we will earn at the end of the season according to the link that we finish. In addition to each link that we go up after the GM we get a protection card that prevents us from falling back to the previous link and it lasts for 7 days. I sincerely hope I don't need to use.lol

    WhatsApp Image 2023-02-06 at 03.09.05.jpeg

    Below is the reward earned in tickets and bp according to the elo we are now. I could be wrong but if I'm not mistaken the reward was better in the old days, but on the other hand there weren't so many events giving so many things like now.

    WhatsApp Image 2023-02-06 at 03.09.31.jpeg

    Account evolution

    Won some heroes, bought some more and follow how we are now.


    Current Elo:Grandmaster 2

    Highest Elo: Grandmaster 2



    Highest Emblem:Physical 17


    Obtained Heroes:

















    Herois gif.gif

    Curiosity of the day

    Hilda was the first hero I identified with and enjoyed playing. Her mechanics at the beginning reminded me a little of Volibear who was my hero in LoL, although the skills are different, the strong regen and sustainability in the lane, in addition to the engage skill that the 2 had made me feel comfortable with her.

    On my main account I have 723 games with her and a very bad win rate of 52%, because she was my first hero for a long time I only played with her regardless of how the game was and that made me lose a lot of games and messing with my team until I understand how important team composition is and that without having a closed team it's impossible to move up in rank after a certain ranking just playing with a single class, let alone a single hero.

    Another curiosity is that at the time Hilda was buffed and was in the meta, I stayed in the top 10 Brazil with her for a few months and I even reached the top 6 for a period.


    I hope you enjoyed the video and had as much fun watching it as I did playing it. If you want to see more MLBB around here, comment below so I can bring you more content like this. And if you want to see a review about a hero, comment that I can bring it.

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