Live LeoFinance AMA Tuesday December 21st | LeoMobile, LeoInfra, Hivestats, HBD on CubFinance


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    Published on Dec 22, 2021
    About :

    This is the full recording from our AMA this week. We covered a wide range of topics - as we usually do.

    We focused heavily on the incredible developments happening. We've continued to expand our dev team and most recently brought on someone to handle many of our existing apps and infrastructure that haven't gotten much love in 2021. First and foremost is a big round of updates to including a lot of exciting new features on our roadmap.

    Expect nothing less than LeoFinance closing out 2021 with a major boom in releases from our developments during this year and kicking off 2022 with an even bigger bang as we see some incredibly long-term developments start to pay off!


    Note: We cut out the first 13 minutes from the livestream (since we were setting up new platforms to go live on), so subtract 13 minutes from the following timestamps:

    • 00:00 - Intro V2.0
    • 14:20 - Wen? (this covers 90% of the questions)
    • 15:08 - Made some progress and hired a new dev to work on
    • 16:38 - HBD has become a major focus on HIVE and will be added to
    • 17:50 - It’s possible that you’ll be able to stake HBD on cubdefi into a kingdom vault
    • 18:20 - would this be a native HBD or wrapped HBD?
    • 18:32 - Who would be in charge of developing this wrapped HBD and how would it work?
    • 20:32 - HBD is designed as a stableish coin. Will it be stable enough to be attractive for investors?
    • 24:34 - has some price displays. We want to add information like APYs on BLEO, etc. so people can learn about Leo Finance, CUB and all the other apps
    • 27:07 - focus of new dev is on hivestats, then possibly Leo DEX
    • 27:25 - some ideas for
    • 29:01 - We are starting to integrate Facebook, LinkedIn into the Leo ecosystem. we want to bring people over to Leo Finance
    • 31:34 - Leo Mobile Facebook logins might be up within the next couple of days.
    • 32:00 - Leo Desktop framework will be merged with Leo Mobile framework
    • 32:41 - CUB bonding contrats are ready, PolyCUB UI is almost ready
    • 33:25 - the current CUB bonding mechanics will introduce some interesting movement in where CUB is held and the utility behind it
    • 34:34 - We are expecting CUB price to increase one the airdrop gets moving
    • 35:22 - Soonday and Nowday memes are welcome
    • 36:21 - New game, Ragnarok will drop on Jan 6th and it is built around HBD. good to have another use case
    • 37:27 - some thoughts on the 3.5 day window to covert HBD to HIVE
    • 38:24 - not a lot of knowledge of bonds in the DeFi space, why is that?
    • 47:00 - feature request: on PolyCUB bonds, could you integrate customizable/variable duration into the contract?
    • 50:42 - some thoughts on secondary bond markets. they could be tradeable.
    • 54:25 - Leo Finance has a bug with keychain where it erases your post if it’s your first action when you log in
    • 56:52 - Contest: come up with a name for the weekly stream that includes Dev,AMA and roundtable
    • 57:51 - Splinterlands has implemented a feature request system based on voting.
    • 1:00:46 - What will come first, HIVE airdrops or PolyCUB airdrop?
    • 1:07:53 - real estate in the Metaverse
    • 1:08:56 - update on XChaos: payment is submitted and everyone will get their packs when Splinterlands releases them
    • 1:14:25 - will the Leo airdrops include Leo LP in Diesel Pools?
    • 1:15:36 - Leo background contest will reward the winner with 250 LEO



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