Ledger Tutorial: Top 3 Questions About Hardware Wallet Security - LeoFinance Podcast #36


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    Published on Apr 22, 2020
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    Security of crypto funds is the greatest debate in the space. Everyone who has spent even a millisecond of time in crypto knows that there is a risk to being uninformed when it comes to storing and using your funds.

    When you don’t have third-parties — i.e. banks — involved to give you a sense of security, you need to provide security for yourself. Security comes in the form being both informed and self-aware. Some people need more third-party involvement and less responsibility while others need more responsibility and less third-party involvement.

    In my opinion, hardware wallets are a beautiful middle ground to all of this. You can have the best of both worlds — security and a relatively moderate degree of responsibility.

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    With a bit of education in the space coupled with some experimentation and usage of these devices, the average person can have access to a bank in their pockets - as Andreas Antonopolous loves to say.

    There are many hardware wallets out there and I have experimented with many of them. I often recommend Ledger Hardware wallets, as I have had a great experience with mine and the user interface is relatively intuitive.

    I made this video to answer the top 3 questions that I see when it comes to Ledger hardware wallets (and most other hardware wallets in general).

    In this episode, I break down each of the 3 questions and provide the respective solutions for them. I can remember back to when I first got my Ledger Nano and was asking all the same questions, pondering the actual security of storing my crypto on such a device:

    1. Running Out of Space on My Ledger? What Happens When I Delete an App?
    2. What Happens to My Crypto if The Ledger Company/Software Disappear Some Day?
    3. What Happens to My Crypto During a Firmware Update, Device Reset and/or Loss of the Device Itself?

    Hopefully these questions bring you some piece of mind when it comes to using a hardware wallet. I can’t stress enough how much I hate the idea of people holding crypto on an exchange. Hardware wallets provide vastly more security, flexibility and even reduced tx fees when used properly.

    Repeat after me:

    Your keys, your crypto.
    Not your keys, not your crypto.

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