Living on the edge brings expanded vistas and does not require any mask


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    Published on Sep 24, 2020
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    If you are afraid of heights then you won’t like living on the edge. But if you love nature and exploring new heights, then life on the edge may be just your style. Here in today’s post I reveal the beauty of a life on the edge...of a continent, of an economic status and ultimately of a global event.
    We are passing the event horizon. The hundredth monkey had tested positive for covid and the planet is on the edge... Just what comes next is anybody’s guess. We are on the edge and at the cusp of a new world, a Great Reset, as it’s being called in some circles.
    Well, I am used to a life on the edge, so I am prepared for the revolution, whether of consciousness or commerce or covid. Who knows? Either way, I like to go outdoors on adventures at the edge, and this time it is the edge of the continent.
    The view from the edge is spectacular. You have all the space and open ocean before you that you might need for a sense of fresh air and vitalized health. Some of us feel like we are living on the edge of reality at this stage, as our reality changes before our eyes now in 2020.
    The new norm has taken us by storm. We are all being obliged to recondition ourselves to what is normal, what is true, who is correct and what is moral or ethical today. In other words our entire philosophical and practical view of life is up in the air. It is on a clifftop, on the edge. And we are all trying to “do the right thing”. But the right thing is constantly changing.
    We go out with our mask if we have to, but then take it off when we see that others around us are not bothered about the mask. Obviously I have done extensive research online, heard from numerous doctors and researchers for months now. And my informed conclusion is that my truth is perhaps different form that of other people who hear from other sources.
    So the war for truth is on edge. Your government is dictating something to you and most people want to comply, out of fear. Yet serious experts have outright contradicted the mainstream government narrative, and so they should. The government is, after all, financially obliged to the NWO, UN, IMF, BIS and the WHO, so they are telling you lies and obligated fake news about the virus and the mask.
    Fortunately there are enough serious sane and expert doctors from all over the world – hundreds of them – that have said the opposite to the WHO and the government. They explain the bogus nature of mask wearing. It is a scam guys. The cloth mask is useless against any virus. And it is a con.
    Anyway, the mask is just one of the issues alive and kicking today. And so we live on the edge of normality, of sanity, of political correctness and truth versus fake information. When your government outright lies to you, then you know it is a war for the mind of the masses and for the global narrative. And the nay sayers, the opposition, people like me, are going to be seen as black sheep, as heretics and so the witch hunt will ensue.
    We are living in a Neo-Feudal reality again, just like 500 years ago. Objective science will be staring you in the face, waving facts and stats, like flags of liberty, and yet you will be labeled a heretic because you don’t accept the lies and unscientific dictates of your government.
    And the witch hunting will not burn you t the stake, but it could tar you with the brush of ostracization, so you end up keeping your scientific fact checking to yourself. Some folks have drunk the cool-aid, as the saying goes. And the rest of us look at them as crazy, while they look at us as pariahs carrying the plague.
    Who would have thought that in 2020 science could get so easily thrown out of the window and the narrative hijacked by pirates with false flags to fool their own citizens. As a result I thank my inner guidance that I took shelter outside the mainstream city and social stream by choosing to retreat to the wilderness, so to speak.
    Here life on the edge of a continent and a world gone mad and confused about facts and scientific reality, I am safe to live according to my intelligence, and that means without a mask, and without fear of any government lies. The WHO, who are dictating to our governments, is mostly sponsored by China. And they are led by a dictatorship called the CCP, who are busy invading the world with a view to takeover.
    Nothing coming out of China can be trusted, no stats and no tech, especially no case figures. I have not heard of a single case of covid here where I live on the edge. As Spring arrives, I see numerous holiday makers flooding my local beaches, enjoying life on the edge of the continent with me. No need for any mask, zero social distancing. All my intellectual friends know that the virus is bogus and the mask is fake.
    If I am a heretic in your eyes for decrying the government and the WHO, then so are all several hundred scientists and PhD and doctors who are calling out the virus and mask hoax as a lie and a scam. And that’s fine by me. I will trust my intelligence and my research way more than any government.
    You do what you feel is correct, follow along if that is your lot in life, but I will shout it out from the clifftops, from the edge of reason and science, and I will refuse to submit to lies and ignorance. The mask will make you more sick, that’s a fact. Get out into the fresh air and sunshine. I am not a lone voice in the wilderness. I am part of a mass of university educated researchers, and I will tell you to your masked face that you are being lied to by your government and the WHO.
    Life on the edge means that you think for yourself, you DYOR do your own research, and you question everything. I am almost 60 years old and I have enough experience and education to tell that covid and the mask is a con and a lie. At most it is a seasonal flu. Covid has been with us like SARS for years and that’s all it is.
    However, the global elite agenda to lock us down and mask us up is the real crime against humanity and disease of corruption that is rotting the brains of those at the top while seeping septic decay into the brains of the poor and uneducated. Stand up to the tyranny guys. This is where I draw my line in the sand. If I ever hear of someone I know getting covid here in my town, or I contract it myself, then I will revise my opinion.

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