QOTW by ecoTrain | Whats the most amazing act of kindness someone has ever done for you?


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    Published on Aug 11, 2021
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    Love Like the River Will Open a New Path


    The Great flow of Life

    Whats the most amazing act of kindness someone has ever done for you? by @ecotrain

    What is the most amazing act of kindness someone has ever done for me ?! Wow I've never stopped to think about this before .... I feel like the Greatest act of kindness I've ever done is allowing myself to learn through people in this case. Paradoxically, these learnings have been the greatest acts of kindness in my life.


    It's really hard to choose an act, that's why I'm going to tell you about my feelings.
    These acts of kindness that we speak of have come into my life in many ways which have helped me to grow and learn. I see an act of kindness as something that a person does consciously or unconsciously, whether this is realizing it or not. They are gifts that they give us and we give ourselves, necessary for our expansion. Allowing ourselves to be a fact.
    Some of these gifts that I am talking about are, for example, my family that I love, not because of being my family but because of what we have built, because we have decided to do so, how important is this, to decide; Apart from the physical gifts, they are very beautiful and it feels good to receive and give them. This time I don't mean them.
    I mean the times that we are mirrors to each other, where many times I don't like what I see in the other. It is an immense gift because that way I easily realize what I can work on in myself, in the background of why what I see in her / him bothers me, makes me uncomfortable.
    With them I have also learned that loving is not synonymous with the fact that they have to be and act as I like to be able to accept them, as if it were a contract signed at my convenience, as if they were dolls from whom I decide what to put on and take from them. Love is unconditional, there is nothing that they do or stop doing with which I stopped loving them. And it is that at first I did not feel it this way but with experiences I have been able to realize it and gradually fill unconsciousness with rays of light.
    And how these have been many experiences
    Loved ones who have transcended this plane
    Loves that have not been
    Friends who come and go
    And many more...
    Each and every one of these experiences have been like a balm of love in my life, they are kind acts that I have found through each one of them, it is beautiful to see how our perception of things can change.


    she has been one of the beings I refer to with which I have allowed myself to expand in love and live my life intensely


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