Coastal Sentry's Fury


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    Published on Sep 28, 2023
    About :

    It was the first time that I entered for Splinterlands tournament, I had a good time and would have immediately entered for more but with my schedule at the moment entering for more tournament have to wait for now.

    This battle was one of the battles I enjoyed from the tournament and thought it is worth sharing my victory against Zaku.

    The Summoners

    Opponent's SummonerElementAbility
    YODIN ZAKUFire+1 Range & Health/Blast
    My SummonerElementAbility
    HELIOS MATRIARCHDragon+1 Speed/Gladiator


    Battle Ruleset
    Equal Opportunity
    Heavy Heaters

    My Lineup

    Being Equal Opportunity ruleset the high health cards stay in the fight longer so the 8 of DIEMONSHARK earns a spot for it in my lineup. Knowing fully well it is a beast that gets brutal when enraged, the Trample ability is capable of making a huge impact on the game.

    So Diemonshark takes the spot of a Tank in my lineup.

    The 10 mana cost of COASTAL SENTRY is worth considering the impact it had on the battlefield. Taking out Coeurl Lurker was a massive advantage that opened up for my team as Costal Sentry delivered a 14 sucker punch on Coeurl Lurker.

    It was going to be a pain dealing with Coeurl Lucker due to the Dodge and Phase ability, fortunately, Coastal Sentry did a great job at eliminating the Legendary beast.

    Positioning VENARI MARKSRAT to give a boost to Costal Sentry and Chaos Dragon was a great strength to my lineup as it boosted the stats of both adjacent cards. Marksrat job was done and dusted sooner as expected in the round of the battle.

    CHAOS DRAGON is a pain to deal with without a Martyr boost, giving it a Martyr boost makes it a deadlier beast to come up against. Despite the Silence effect from the opposing team, Chaos Dragon got the damage done with the Scattershot and Blast abilities beating Zaku at its game.

    My addiction to the gladiators is reflected in this fight as I had to include ISGALD VORST in my line for the Bloodlust and Opportunity ability it has, and it paid off as Vosrt had the bloodlust triggered. The gladiator took out Firecaller from the first attack followed by the elimination of Lava Launcher.

    RIVER HELLONDALE did a great job with the Resurrect ability on Venari Marksrat, it was the plan and the plan was well executed as intended. The Inspire ability played helped with the melee boost especially for Coastal Sentry in the early rounds of the battle.

    And victory was attained in style.

    Battle Link

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