Proof of Fraud: 'No Evidence of Election Fraud' Psyop Debunked & Derailed


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    Published on May 22, 2021
    About :

    My best video compilation on the 2020 (S)election psyop, evidence of presidential election fraud. They said there was no evidence of election fraud (absolutely none), that US elections are secure (and 2020 elections the most secure ever), and that election fraud never happens in America. They lied, and here's the proof of fraud, and proof that elections can be easily rigged with voting machines (documented long before 2020), much of the evidence and signs of likely fraud available before the first votes were even cast and reported by the same mainstream media that then turned around and mindlessly repreated the 'no evidence of fraud' mantra, ad nauseum.

    Extensive evidence of election fraud and tracking of the (s)election psyop documented in the links below, listed in order from my first post on the issue to the last:

    (S)Election 2020 Psyop: Evidence of Election Fraud & the Unfolding Staged Chaos

    2020 (S)Election Psyop: Overwhelming Evidence of Fraud

    Electronic Voting Fraud 2020: Dominion, Hammer & Scorecard Rigging Election (Allegations & Evidence)

    (S)Election Psyop Marches On: Media Declares Biden Winner Amidst Widespread Allegations & Mounting Evidence of Election Fraud

    'Undeniable Pattern of Fraud': MIT Analysis Shows 69,000 Trump Votes Flipped to Biden in Michigan Amidst Contradictory Fact-Checker 'Facts', Michigan Lawsuit With Dominion Whistleblower & More

    US (S)Election 2020: Orchestrating Civil War

    2020 Election Fraud: Fact Checking the 'Fact Checkers' | #SuitecaseGate - Video Shows Evidence of Likely Georgia Ballot Stuffing

    Inching Closer to Civil War as Tensions Rise: Brawls, Threats, Attacks & 18 States Feel Cheated By Unconstitutional Voting in Four Swing States

    (S)Election 2020: Who's Stealing America? New Documentary Chronicles the Biggest Election Heist in American History

    US ELECTION FRAUD 2020: Math Strikes Back! (@lighteye)

    Election Fraud 2020: Capitol ‘Siege’ | Red Flags Point to Orchestrated False Flag ‘Insurrection’

    Tags :

    politics conspiracy news election fraud 2020 psyop propaganda

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