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    Published on Jul 12, 2021
    About :


    Hi everyone welcome to my #LakwatsaniIntoy Diary 001 (MyTravelstories). I would like to start my diary in a place that considered as β€œMY PLACE”. Actually, it’s a kind of continuation of my self-introduction.

    Note: "The place is not too Instagramable but the Moment and Stories of this Place are Unforgettable 😊"


    β€œUMA NI PEDRO” – the name of our little Farm in San Fernando, Villareal Samar Philippines. It is named after our mighty grand father Pedro Sadullo (which my good looking face came fromπŸ˜„).

    The place is almost two hectares. There is a mountain side which we plant root crops like Cassava and Taro (in waray-waray dialect they are called Bilanghoy and Gaway). The taste is like potato but its a little bit sweet especially the taro (which is my favorite one πŸ˜‹)

    Who tried this kind of root crop's already?.

    We have vegetables like okra, eggplant and beans. There's a pond where we do an Aquaculture. We breed Mud Crab πŸ¦€πŸ¦€ and Milk fish. There are also wild shrimps 🦐🦐 trapped in the pond during height tide. We also do poultry like raising Native Chicken.


    This Farm made my family close to each other. Farming became our bonding time during weekend and a happy pill to one of us . The one we love the most is feeding the milk fish and mud crabs πŸ¦€πŸ¦€.


    You know, the felling of excitement when we feed them is really superb. Just when you got on the boat, the fish start coming at you. When you get their food and put it on your hand and place it the top of the water, the fish start jumping at you. (this moment is really my best part... uuuhhhhh !!!... that's really awesome, I'm sure you will always smile when you experience it ).


    You can touch the fish while feeding them?. Yes you can !! Amazing right ? But of course you can't do that to mud crabs πŸ¦€πŸ¦€ (hahaha). Their two big cheliped with sharp claws is always ready to grip you in an instant once you attempt to touch them. Fortunately, I didn't experience it yet and I'm not hopping it to happen. hahaha (the professional one can easily grab them. How about me? Well I'm not a pro but I can handle them πŸ˜„).



    The man in the picture is my older brother (my mortal enemy). He always send pictures flexing his catch. He always message me
    "Hey brother, looked what I've got! Fresh wild shrimp from the pond", or
    "Hey brother I just harvested the root crops in the mountainside", and
    "Hey brother, we just harvested the milk fish".

    He always send messages to me with pictures flexing everything . He think I will be jealous!? me jealous?, Of course..... I am hahahaha.

    These pictures make me crave the taste of Taro, the taste of fresh wild shrimp and makes me reminisce moments with my family. Especially when he sent that big mud crab πŸ¦€!. When I saw it, the taste of its meat quickly pop in my head. The juiciness and tenderness of its meat makes me crazy!! UUUHHH!!! What the f... I really miss "MY PLACE". ( I think I will decide to go home because of these photos..πŸ˜†πŸ˜†)


    Yes!!.. I had a short vacation last April 2021. My two weeks leave had been approved by my supervisor.

    Its almost two years since my last visit in Samar. This is due to restriction of visitors coming from other islands because of the pandemic. And when the restriction lifted up, I grab the opportunity to book a ticket for my quick vacation. (Actually one factor why I decided to go home, are the pictures that my brother sent me πŸ˜†)

    In my video, you will see the iconic Sanjuanico Bridge. It connects the island of Leyte and Samar. It is 2,164 meter in length and constructed during the President Marcos administration.


    Upon my arrival, I needed to stay first in our Farm (Uma ni Pedro) for the meantime (which also I like).This scenic view welcome med. The fresh air, the silence around me, the sound of birds, and the calmness of the water whispering in my ear saying Welcome Home.


    This green water of the stream calling me when I arrived. So after 20 minutes of rest, I quickly dive and felt again the warm water of the stream. ( hopping their is no crocodile in the area hahaha).


    The next day, this beautiful sunrise gave me wonderful greetings while taking my morning Coffee.


    I felt relax when I'm in the hearer. I really feel the sound of the province, the sound of "MY PLACE".

    I suddenly slept at that moment... but a loud voice woke me up. They were shouting my name "INTOY! INTOY! INTOY! WHERE ARE YOU?! I needed to wake up to see who were coming cause I'm really not familiar with their voices anymore and when they were approaching Ooooooohhhhh Shh.....t. I got some STUPID Visitors hahahaha (just kidding). They are my lost brothers from another mother hahaha... my childhood friends and relatives.


    They brought 2 gallons of "TUBA" that surely made us drunk! hahaha (suddenly the glass of wine start running out). (Tuba is a red wine, a waray-waray term. It is made of coconut juice and "barrok" the additive one to make it red.)

    We start asking each other what we were doing now in life, what are our plans. We also reminisce the memories we had in the past (of course talking girls is part of our agenda hahaha).


    One of the unforgettable thing we did that time is we tripping to catch frogs hahaha.. yes we did and make it as viand for our dinner hahaha. It is my first time to do it and eat an exotic food. I'm excited and also nervous because I know there are some frog that are poisonous.

    Because of our craziness... it happened. Look at the pictures, we enjoyed the moment like the old days.



    Actually I hesitated to eat first but when I finish my first bite I couldn't stop eating until the last one hahaha... yeah like Oh my God.. How it become delicious like this?! can we get more?

    The taste is really delightful. You can't think it's a Frog.. hahahaHow about you? Do you eat frog?!

    (Reminder: not all frogs are edible. Most of them are poisonous. Make sure to know it first.)



    The fun with this crazy people is not yet done. They joined me until my last day of this quick vacation in Samar. After that unforgettable exotic frog last night we decided to unwind in deserted Kindot Island. It is located in Villareal Samar Philippines.

    We brought more crazy people with us. We ate seafood in the area and do a little bit of photoshoot. We do some stunts and jump shoot.




    (Actually when I saw the output of the pictures, I don't know if I will be amazed or just laugh hahahah.. because I imagined the frog we ate last night with their poses hahaha)

    What do you think about the pictures? Which one is your favorite?


    I would like to end this blog with my realization in my quick vacation.

    "That wherever you go, working in another place and building your self for the future; We will always keep looking for the place we call HOME. The place that you love with genuine crazy people."

    And that's my |#LakwatsaniIntoy Diary 001|. Thank you for dropping in my little Hive room.

    This is @intoy.bugoy! See you in my next blog Hivers....


    Intoy Bugoy

    Not so tall, not so dark, not so handsome but surely I'm a CUTE one 😊.Your Civil Engineer, Real Estate Agent and Financial Adviser. Into Travel's and Photography. Knowing the culture of the place is my interest. Come and join me in discovering this infinite beautiful world following all my #LakwatsaniIntoy diaries (MyTravelstories).

    If hIS content made you 😁, then drop some ❀️ by upvoting and leaving a comment. Also, click the Follow button to keep posted on his journey here on Hive.

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