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    Published on Nov 15, 2020
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    Censorship is a very hot trending topic in the past few days especially from a political point of view, many conservatives are joining a platform like Parler and Rumble that is marketing to be a free speech website that welcomes all your opinions. However, the big question is centralized media like Parler and Rumble really do what they promised for retaining our freedom of speech? Let us dig deeper into this...

    Screen Shot 20201115 at 19.17.23.png

    MSNBC made a good review of this social media buzz called Parler, it clearly states that

    But Parler may turn out to be, in the end, a false refuge. First — sorry, folks — Parler does censor. It removes users, regularly. It does not actually seem to tolerate hate speech, and because it’s a much smaller platform, it might even be more efficient in finding and exorcising it than the social giants. Oh, and the founders really, really don’t like trolling. This includes the sort of trolling that feeds the outrage cycles on Twitter, the trolling that includes scatology and expletives and “unrelated comments.” Also, dog poop. Parler doesn’t like dog poop.

    The point is, Parler does not actually face what it has set itself up to welcome — furious, beleaguered, anxious conservatives who want to find an online community that grants them some esteem and will fill a narrative void in their life.

    Parler is not free from censorship but in fact, it is way worst than the censorship implemented by Twitter and Facebook. For most cases, sharing fake news on Twitter will only get you a label on misinformation but Parler will instantly remove you for sharing the fake news.


    You can also be ban from this centralized social media by only posting poop.

    Parler doesn’t like dog poop.

    We are not here to add insult to injury on people who got disappointed from censorship from Twitter and Facebook but we are here to help you preserve your freedom of speech by showing you to post it on a blockchain-based social media network like Hiveblocks.

    Centralization is the root problem for all this issue we are facing today, so the solution is Decentralization. Centralization has always the potential to be corrupt and bias and only served its own stockholders.



    We are actively sharing this on Twitter because sharing is caring. I care for the guys who got deplatformed, also care for people who will deplatform in the near future like myself(I believe). Just wanted to be connected with many people as possible because when my account gets its time for the suspension I cannot reach them anymore so I am taking all the chance the spread the good news we have here.

    The best way to this approach isn't to attack but to be a helping hand. Remind them that if they wish to not experience censorship, a centralized site like Parler that can censor you isn't the solution. Recommend an app built on Hive and explain why Hive offers an actual solution to preserve their free speech.

    You can also watch the video on Youtube

    Here are some of the video we made so far as we are still making new ones in the upcoming days to promote Hive on social media.

    Disclaimer: The video sources used are absorbed from Youtube, added some Twist, and edit it for our needs to effectively explains how Hive can work solving these real-world problems.

    Thank you for your time reading and visiting my post, really do appreciate you bring here. 😍😍😍

    My past post you may want to consider checking out. Great to have you here <3

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