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    Published on May 05, 2022
    About :

    ¡Hive Open Mic en su semana 108 wow! Estaba tan emocionado de hacer este video, que olvidé presentarme jaja. Espero me perdonen.

    Era mi turno de escoger es tema y me siento feliz porque he visto muchas canciones, videos, sentimientos personales y cosas que ustedes han querido expresar. Y es que uno siempre tiene algo que no ha podido decir, ya sea por pena, por no querer herir a alguien, por pensar en las consecuencias, bueno muchas razones para guardarlas.

    Ustedes las han revelado, otros no las revelaremos. En mi caso no lo haré como esta canción. La letra habla de como esas palabras no reveladas han hecho que entre en un conflicto de sacarlas o seguir guardándolas, si, es basado en algo real, ando en ese conflicto. Intenté de que la letra se pueda identificar con cualquier tema, en mi caso será de amor. Pero la letra no lo dice directamente, por eso siento que puede aplicar a cualquier persona y situación.

    Esta canción será parte de las nuevas que sacare para "Münchhausen". He venido trabajando en ella desde hace un tiempo y ya está bien adelantada. Volví a grabar las guitarras y mi voz para Hive. Disculpen la edición y mis bailes jaja, me dejo llevar mucho por los ritmos.

    Quiero agradecer a todos los que han participado con mi temática, y disculparme a quienes no les he respondido en post o cuando me etiquetan, también he pasado por una semana algo alborotada. Pero se del gran talento que tienen y espero tomarme el tiempo de verlos a la gran mayoría.

    Con ustedes: "Undisclosed Words"


    Hive Open Mic in its 108th week wow! I was so excited to make this video, I forgot to introduce myself haha. I hope you forgive me.

    It was my turn to choose the theme and I feel happy because I have seen many songs, videos, personal feelings and things that you have wanted to express. And it is that one always has something that has not been able to say, either out of sorrow, for not wanting to hurt someone, for thinking about the consequences, well many reasons to keep them.

    You have revealed them, others will not reveal them. In my case I won't do it like this song. The lyrics talk about how those undisclosed words have made me enter into a conflict of taking them out or keeping them, yes, it is based on something real, I am in that conflict. I tried that the lyrics can be identified with any theme, in my case it will be love. But the lyrics don't say it directly, so I feel like it can apply to any person and situation.

    This song will be part of the new ones that I will release for "Münchhausen". I've been working on it for a while now and it's already well under way. I re-recorded the guitars and my voice for Hive. Excuse the editing and my dances haha, I get carried away a lot by the rhythms.

    I want to thank everyone who has participated with my theme, and apologize to those who haven't responded to the post or when they tag me, I've also had a somewhat hectic week. But I know how talented they are and I hope to take the time to see the vast majority of them.

    Ladies and gentlemen: "Undisclosed Words"

    Verse 1

    I’ve drowned my thoughts
    But they haven’t gone away
    I barely feel
    what I’m supposed to be

    Cause every word
    I hardly can pronounce
    will break away


    Completely lost
    What have I become?
    I’m just deceiving to myself

    Undisclosed words
    That I ever owned
    Will keep of ourselves aside

    Verse 2

    I hide the truth
    I cover it in front my eyes
    My lips are sealed
    I won’t turn back

    Please dig inside
    And help this bitter mind
    No, it’s not right
    But I’m still losing my time

    Chorus again



    Tags :

    music openmic ocd ocbd appreciator proofofbrain palnet curie ecency

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