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    Published on Jan 10, 2022
    About :

    "Clique" πŸ‘Œ

    They flaunt it in your face.
    They think you are too stupid to ever catch on.
    They have power, fame and money.
    They are house hold names.
    They are treated like Gods.
    They all sold their souls to get to where they are.

    The Clique runs deep and they are not going to step down and hand over their control until WE THE PEOPLE decide that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

    Do you remember the days where celebrities were getting called out on Twitter left and right for being part of a cult that rape, kill and eat children?

    Where are they now? Wiped off the face of the internet. The censorship is real.

    All [they] can do is laugh and pray to [their] God that the world NEVER finds out the truth.

    Symbolism will be their downfall.

    Digital soldiers, share this video! πŸ™

    Follow @Steinbart_Media_Group_Official

    Q Shaman Prison Interview

    ABOUT THOSE TATOOS! πŸ”₯HERE IT IS FOLKS!!!!πŸ”₯ Straight from JAKE himself #freejake

    Pete Santilli Show - w/ Austin Steinbart & Tyler Nixon

    "We got them by the balls. We're not letting go." "Trust me when I say that goes for Michelle Obama too." - Jake Angeli. Turns out, Blackwater USA founder ERIK PRINCE is the Father of Jake the :qanon: Shaman~! :honk:

    Back in 2017 I followed the Edge of Wonder guys since their first episodes when they initially talked about Electric Universe Theory... but after a few month's worth of episodes they never talked about EU Theory any more and shifted gears into more standard Qanon territory and subjects...

    Then they started 'Smearing' some guy they called 'Baby Q' who I had never heard of... I thought it was pretty funny at the time, but after a while it became so obvious they were trolling him that I started digging into Austin's Twitter, Facebook etc... I then noticed that Austin is one of the few Qanon's that DO NOT HAVE A PAY WALL.... Austin does not shill like Edge of Wonder & many others when they use pay-walls for their video content... And I found it a bit too suspect how they have all personally attacked Austin... but never talk about any of the important DECLAS specifics that Austin is pushing into center stage like An Internet Bill Of Rights and Declassification of the JFK Assassination which is 8 years past due of when it was supposed to be unsealed on the 50th anniversary in 2013.

    My background is in Electronics where I've worked on some of the most advanced systems on the planet in my past work with remotely operated underwater vehicles & with Hughes Aircraft where I worked on the M1 Abrahams radar systems... so the fact that none of the naysayers will talk about DECLAS or the Quantum Communication Technology that is obviously now in operation is also a glaring indication of a coordinated 'Smear Campaign' against Austin.

    I took the time to backtrack all of Austin's posts on FB & Twitter just like Ben Fathere did... Have you taken the time to review this yet? - Ben Fathere
    Coincidences showing Austin's claims are not as far-fetched as most are led to believe...

    Otherworldly 'time crystal' πŸ’Ž made inside Google quantum computer could change physics forever -

    Oh, and BTW, I was a Bernie Bro back in 2016 but voted for Trump this time around thanks to what I learned from Austin. So I am probably the 'Poster-Child' for SMG of a previous Lefty Democrat who was influenced enough by SMG & Austin's message to switch sides & vote for Trump.

    Operation Burnback: Shortly before the 2016 election, at a crucial moment in time, Austin began Operation Burnback.

    Tags :

    q qanon austinisq

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